Drawing inspiration from Condemn, Gears of war, Y The division, Outriders It is a bloody and exciting game, but it is not without its problems. Fortunately, due to his new state of play, Outriders it’s getting constant updates and bug fixes, but despite all of that, there are still some aspects that fans and gamers are desperate to see added. These issues range from game-breaking to simply frustrating and unfair, while some issues are seemingly embedded in the game’s mechanics.

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However, there are quite a few things that players want to add to make this game the best it can be. From bug fixes, connection issues, to seemingly unreachable loot, some players have even chosen to cheat just so they can get consistent gameplay! It makes the Outriders quite frustrating to play as a whole. But hopefully with the next update, fans can see some changes that will make their game 10x better.

10 More class skills

All class abilities in escorts

One of the best things about Outriders is their skills and class abilities. The skill tree is a good way to upgrade the character as the player levels up and the skills make fighting bad guys a tactical quest rather than just shooting until they die (although that’s the case with some enemies. ).

However, as the player levels up and becomes more powerful, many often stick to the same class abilities that are given to them at low levels. This is mainly because the skills are quite interesting and useful, but it leaves some players looking for more options. Ultimately, it would be amazing if new abilities could be introduced to bring combat to life.

9 Even drops of loot

Lots of loot coming out of a loot chest in escorts

Even though the Outriders assure players that the loot drops are equal players and are more powerful as player levels, many fans have found themselves nearing the end of the game without getting their hands on a legendary item. It’s gotten so bad that some have chosen to cheat just for the game to give them what they deserve.

Developers should really look to make getting a legendary item a little more common and do the same for co-op play. To keep it as uniform as possible, if a player gets a Legendary item, their teammate should, too. That way, no player is more dominated than the others.

8 Customizable Weapons / Armor

A simple weapon and armor

While it can be a challenge to get hold of legendary weapons, there is still a wide range of great weapons and armor. However, it would be great if players could customize the look of their loot like they can with the truck and flag.

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Adding a laser to a pistol or an upgraded magazine to a sniper would be a game changer for some players, then layering over some cool skin would simply complete whatever look the player is looking for. It could work in the same way that special abilities do and would dramatically improve those players who love more tactical and skill-based combat.

7 More side missions

A long list of side missions on the map.

Replayable side quests are great and a good way to get a new armor, but many players can’t help but feel like they’re lacking in excitement and uniqueness. If there were more, the missions would not be repeated and the player could explore more of the map and interact with new NPCs.

It would also be interesting if the next update included an easier menu to access these missions so that players don’t have to go on a futile search just to find the mission and then go back in the same direction to complete it.

6 Problem solving missions

A side mission

Along with the new missions, it would be extremely interesting if the developers added some puzzles or troubleshooting rather than just shooting the path to the answers.

Many players seem to struggle with the nature of side quests and often call them boring, so there is something to make players think that it might be the way to go. Ultimately, having more problem solving missions will broaden the horizons of the game and develop the main character, who is only seen as a mindless man who is happy to accept a mission just because he can.

5 Fewer loading / cutting scenes

Outriders in an epic battle

Cut scenes often help with the immersion of the game. Many games use them to progress through the story and allow their players to take a break and simply watch the story unfold. This is the case with Outriders for the beginning of the game, it is immersive, entertaining and presents the story perfectly.

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However, it appears that the developers are trying to hide some of the loading screens with cut scenes. Every time players open a door or climb through a window or rope, they enter a cutscene that is not a loading screen. It gets extremely tiring, even on newer consoles where loading time is drastically reduced. Ultimately it ruins the dive and needs to be replaced with just a loading screen or removed entirely.

4 Most reliable servers

No internet warnings and no connection warnings

Some players get frustrated with the lack of good loot, others get bored with side missions, but everyone seems to get frustrated with dodgy servers who love to kick players out in the middle of the firefight, or just not let them play. with friends or even with a simple online match.

This needs to be fixed ASAP because it just makes the game seem shaky, and that doesn’t even speak to the frustration of being kicked out of the game’s mid-boss battle. It is a small bug that will certainly be fixed in the next update, but more reliable servers need to be added.

3 More Endgame weapons

4 cool legendary weapons

In addition to the fight for legendary loot, many players who have played to the end found that there were only a small handful of weapons that would actually carry them to the end successfully. Not only were they hard to come by, but they were also the key to winning the game.

The game should introduce more weapons and armor that can take the player to the end. That way it’s more skill-based than just having the right weapon for the job.

two Easier crossplay

Waiting for a crossover game

The game has some great mechanics and systems when it comes to fighting and completing missions, but it seems that solving the crossover game and getting to that stage in the game is too tricky and timely.

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Completing the game’s prologue is a wonderful idea, but locating where to start co-op and the fact that crossover play is not automatically selected can be frustrating for some people. The developers could make this a little easier to achieve and a little more stable.

1 Chosen dialogue

Dialogue cut scene

One of the saddest parts of Outriders it is the development of your character. Many players feel like they are playing a gun for hire who really doesn’t care what danger they put themselves in and just doesn’t really understand what they’ve gotten themselves into.

This could easily be corrected with a bit more choice in the words the Outrider says during side missions. It would give the player a bit more control over the actions of the character and hopefully make him feel much more immersive and at the same time allow for a unique experience each time the player plays.

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