Resident Evil Village has proven to be a powerful mix of old and new, combining the best elements of Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise games, most notably Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil 4and repackage them in a way that feels fresh and unique. It’s no wonder then that the game is breaking records for the series, having sold more than 3 million copies in just four days.

[WARNING: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village below]

Part of the appeal of the game is its long-standing history. Resident Evil Village is a game full of important revelations about the history of the Demonic resident universe. But while it answers questions fans didn’t even know they had about the origins of Umbrella and the mysterious Mother Miranda, it raises a lot more questions about where the series goes from here and what exactly happened over the course of the game – questions it doesn’t. I get exact answers.

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Of course, Resident Evil Village not giving up all the answers is a matter of design. Players must search the game’s environments for documents, notes, and other clues as to what is actually happening in the remote European village where the game takes place. But even so, there is still a lot left to the imagination when it comes to some of the main plot moments of the game. Here are the most important questions Resident Evil Village leaves unanswered, and what that might mean for future installments in the Demonic resident Serie.

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RE Village Question: Exactly how is Ethan still sane?

Ethan Winters cast from RE Village questions

Resident Evil Village’s The biggest twist is the reveal that protagonist Ethan Winters technically died towards the beginning of Resident Evil 7, killed by the Baker family. It is then revealed that he has been infected with the same mind-altering mold that gave the Bakers their various powers. The mold is what has kept him alive for so long and allows Ethan to sustain some serious hand injuries during the course of the game.

But Resident Evil Village it never explains when or how it was infected. Did the Bakers infect Ethan on purpose, or did it just happen by accident due to Ethan being inside Baker’s mold-infested home? And why doesn’t Ethan turn into a violent monster like any other mold-infected person does? The answer, most likely, is that he is simply a special case and mold does not affect him like others (similar to how Mother Miranda has an extreme ability to transform and control mold) but it all seems a bit too much. good to be true and no real explanation is given.

RE Village Question: How did Ethan’s infection go unnoticed?

Resident Evil Village Ethan Mold Healing

It is made clear that Mia knows about Ethan’s mold condition, though for unclear reasons she decides not to tell her husband. But how come other characters, including Ethan himself, don’t already know? The game documents show that both Ethan’s wife Mia and their daughter Rose undergo various tests and doctor visits to make sure they are healthy, so it seems safe to assume that Ethan, who fought through hell infested. of mold to save Mia in Resident Evil 7, it would also be tested.

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Did Mia just hide all the evidence of Ethan’s condition, or is it just medical negligence that caused Ethan to go undiagnosed for so long? The game never says.

RE Village Question: How long were you replaced by Mom Miranda?

Resident Evil Village Mia at home

Towards the end of the game it is revealed. Resident Evil VillageThe shapeshifter’s antagonist, Mother Miranda, had essentially traded places with Mia to kidnap Rose. But it is never clear how long Mother Miranda was impersonating Mia. Surely, if it were for a long period of time, Ethan could tell that something was wrong with his wife? This is perhaps hinted at in Ethan’s diary, where he comments on Mia’s apparent anger issues, but it is never clarified if this was due to Mother Miranda impersonating her or that Mia was simply going through a lot of things in her life. at this time.

RE Village Question: Why did Mia pass as mother Miranda’s prisoner?

Mia from Resident Evil Village captured

Resident Evil Village’s Mother Miranda doesn’t kill Mia when she replaces her, but instead locks her in a dungeon to experiment. This doesn’t make much sense anymore. If mother Miranda is experimenting with Mia, how can she also be in the Winters family home posing as Mia? Regardless, it is unclear what exactly Mia went through during her time in captivity. After being rescued by Chris Redfield, who asks Mia what happened, Mia quickly overlooks what happened and simply says that it was experienced without further explanation. At the beginning of the game, it becomes clear that Mia is taking a special drug after the events of Resident Evil 7. One would assume that not having those medications while in captivity could seriously harm Mia’s health and mental stability, but the game doesn’t mention that anymore, either.

RE Village Question: Why is the Duke helping Ethan?

Resident Evil Village questions the Duke

The Duke, Resident Evil Village’s merchant, is one of the most mysterious characters in the game. He always seems to know more than he should and is willing to help Ethan for reasons that are not entirely clear. Presumably Ethan is the Duke’s best (only?) Client, so maybe it makes sense that he wants to keep Ethan alive by providing him with home-cooked meals, weapons, and blueprints, but it’s all a bit strange. It has never been revealed what the Duke’s true motives are or even who he is, but we hope he will return in the future. Demonic resident delivery.

RE Village Question: Why are the BSAAs now the bad guys?

Resident Evil 6 Chris BSAA

This is a remnant of Resident Evil 7. At the end of that game, it is revealed that Chris Redfield now works for an organization known as Blue Umbrella. That seems to be the case in Resident Evil Village. Towards the end of the game, the BSAA (an anti-biological weapons organization) appears in town with helicopters and armed soldiers, seeking to fight against Mother Miranda.

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Chris and his squad are unhappy about this and treat the BSAA as enemy combatants even though Chris worked for the BSAA on both Bad resident 5 Y 6. Even more confusing is the fact that one of Resident Evil Village’s The final moments reveal that the BSAA is employing biological weapons. When did the BSAA go evil? Is that why Chris left and now works for Blue Umbrella? None of these questions are answered, causing fans to wildly speculate about what’s going on in the Demonic resident universe.

RE Village Question: What is the Megamycete, actually?

Resident Evil Village Megamycete

Big business is done with megamycete towards the end of Resident Evil Village. It is a huge heart-shaped mushroom that grows below the game village and is the source of the mold infection and the powers of Mother Miranda. But it is never entirely clear what exactly it is or what it can do. Mother Miranda references that she can store the DNA and memories of those she infects, turning it into a kind of hive-minded organism, but this is never explained in much detail and leaves many questions unanswered. Can you really bring people back from the dead? Do you have a mind of your own? Everything is a mystery for another time.

RE Village Question: What are Rose’s powers?

Resident Evil Village Teen Rose

In the final epilogue of the game, Resident Evil Village She is several years ahead of a teenage Rose who wears her father’s jacket. It is clear that he is under constant surveillance and has a security detail. When one of her security guards pulls a bad joke, Rose threatens that she has powers that no one but herself knows about. What exactly are Rose’s powers? It’s obvious that she has some of her father’s regenerative powers thanks to the mold (and the fact that she was taken apart as a baby and somehow put back together) but is there more to it than that? Can you shape-shift like Mother Miranda? Victims of Mind Control like Eveline from Resident Evil 7? Time will tell, but fans are dying to find out more.

Who walks to Rose’s car at the end of the game?

Resident Evil Village Epilogue

At the very, very end of Resident Evil Village, Rose drives away in a black van with her security team. If the player squints their eyes, as the car is moving away, a lone figure can be seen approaching the vehicle and as a result the vehicle appears to stop or slow down. Who is this mysterious figure? Thanks to modders, it has been revealed that the actual character model for the lone figure used in this scene is none other than Ethan Winters, who presumably dies earlier in the game after being blown up to destroy the megamycete. It’s unclear if Capcom is simply using Ethan’s character model as a placeholder, assuming no one could tell who the character was from such a far distance, or if Ethan really is alive and well. Players will likely have to wait until the next installment in the franchise to find out.

There are certainly even more questions Resident Evil Village poses that remain unanswered, but these are simply some of the most important that fans are dying to know more about. Not knowing all the answers is part of the fun of Demonic resident, and maybe that’s why Resident Evil Village It continues to do so well, breaking the franchise’s record for concurrent players on Steam shortly after its launch. It can be somewhat unsatisfying to have so many unanswered questions, but fans will simply have to be patient as they wait for the next game in the series to hopefully reveal more information.

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