The Doctor Who Series 4 finale featured a remake of the Doctor, Doctor Meta-Crisis, that fans had to wait years to see more of.

The hit British sci-fi show Doctor who he has seen the titular physician interact with past and future versions of himself. During Russell T. Davies’ series finale on the show, the Tenth Doctor worked alongside another version of himself that he never expected. The two-part finale saw the creation of a half-human / half-time Lord version of the Tenth Doctor, dubbed the “Meta-Crisis Dotoctor” by fans, thanks to a failed regeneration.

Doctor Meta-Crisis was “banished” to an alternate reality where Doctor Rose Tyler’s former partner and love interest lived. The ending ended with this Clone Doctor and Rose starting a new relationship that she and the original Doctor could never have, thanks to the human side of the clone that allowed her to age like a human does. Fans speculated for years what happened to the two until Big Finish audio dramas and a short story provided answers to what happened to Rose Tyler and the half-human Doctor.

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doctor who siege of big ben

The Siege of Big Ben takes place a few years after “Journey’s End”. The audio drama begins with Jackie and the new Doctor’s attempts to prevent alien invaders from accessing the Doctor’s growing TARDIS. The unlikely pair fight at times, and Jackie reminds the Doctor that his original counterpart thought through the situations and chose peaceful solutions if they were available rather than blowing things up.

The two eventually discover that the alien invasion is just a ruse, and the real culprit is Brigadier Krista, a member of UNIT. The Brigadier lost his daughter during the Cybermen conversion depicted in the Series 2 episode “Age of Steel” and wants to use the TARDIS to bring his daughter back. Jackie convinces Krista that the rules of time travel don’t allow people to change their personal timelines, and Krista leaves.

The Doctor, who still believes in “no second chances,” reports Krista’s actions to Pete and arrests her, which doesn’t sit well with Jackie, who believes that Krista simply made a mistake. The audio drama ends with Jackie hoping to be friends with the Doctor again as she notices the changes between him and the original.

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doctor who flies to the helmet

Flight to the helmet! takes place shortly after the audio drama above and features Jackie and Doctor Meta-Crisis working together again. After being tricked by Rose and Pete into getting on a zeppelin together, Jackie and the Doctor are forced to confront another Jackie from an alternate world.

This alternate Jackie reveals herself to be a scientist who seeks to save her dying world by invading and replacing the people of Jackie’s original world. Jackie tries to convince her counterpart that their lives are the same and that it’s wrong for understudy Jackie to kill others to save her world. Jackie is even concerned that the Doctor may allow the new Jackie to go ahead with her plans, as she could possibly help the Doctor grow his TARDIS, thanks to her scientific training.

Ultimately, the Doctor forces the alternate Jackie to teleport back to her own world when he destroys the zeppelin’s autopilot and causes it to crash. During the accident, the Doctor declares how deeply in love he is with Rose Tyler, and he and Jackie make up for their earlier argument. The two escape the crash landing and return to their family. Later, Jackie recalls how eager Pete and Rose were to claim credit for the success of the zeppelin trip even though they had nothing to do with the understudy invader Jackie.

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doctor who meta-crisis doctor and rose

Short story Change of course Jenny Colgan tells a slightly different version of events. Two years after “Journey’s End”, Rose Tyler is pregnant with the son of Doctor Meta-Crisis. The Doctor is now called Corin because Rose decided she wanted him to have a name and refused to call him “the Doctor”. Corin works as a general practitioner, while Rose is working toward a diploma in early childhood care.

The two live peacefully in a house together until aliens called Cask Men come to Earth to steal the ocean and sell it. In this version of events, the Doctor’s mind is more affected by his human half, causing him to have trouble remembering the Cask Men from his original universe and how to stop them. The pair end up preventing the Cask Men from stealing the ocean by infiltrating their ship. The story ends with Rose giving birth to her son. Although it is a clear departure from the audio dramas, both this story and the audio dramas serve as fitting ending endings for Doctor Meta-Crisis by giving him a true family.

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