The sequel series can be hit or miss, but Dragon ball super successfully continues the story that Akira Toriyama began to tell from 1984. Dragon Ball It has changed a lot since its debut and its history and the heights it reaches have been rising steadily. Dragon Ball‘s the anime has also been delivered to several films that feature overblown villains.

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Dragon ball super‘s The anime has concluded, but a new movie was recently announced for 2022 that will continue the story. Dragon ball super‘s the manga has introduced the formidable villain, Moro, which makes many suspect that the next movie will have some kind of connection to that story arc.

10 They visit Yardrat

Dragon ball super he’s done an exceptional job with his thoughtful callbacks to older elements in the series, be it characters like Future Trunks or forgotten abilities like Demon Containment Wave. From Dragon Ball Super The manga explains that Vegeta makes a pit stop at Planet Yardrat to improve his skills. Vegeta’s training in Yardrat while preparing for Moro is very nice and it would be nice if this new movie featured this in some way. The movie could even begin with Vegeta or other characters, concluding their work on the planet.

9 Galactic Patrol prisoners are the focus

Dragon Ball Super - Moro frees the prisoners of the Galactic Patrol

Moro turns out to be an ancient character with a very notorious reputation that puts even Buu and Freeza to shame. Moro achieves incredible power, but his introduction begins with him trapped as a prisoner of the Galactic Patrol. Several members of Moro’s team have a jailbreak that leads to their freedom. If the new Dragon ball super The movie touches Moro or not, it could still use a prison break from the Galactic Patrol as a major plot point. The majority Dragon Ball The movies feature a team of villains, who are a perfect fit with the prisoners of the Galactic Patrol.

8 Engage the villains using the Dragon Balls

Manga Dragon Ball Super Moro Dragon Ball Wish

Dragon Balls used to be the central force behind the franchise, so it’s always appreciated when a villain can make them their priority and bring back that classic energy. Moro is a rare example where he achieves his goal and regains his youth, making him a considerably more dangerous threat.

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Dragon ball super‘s new movie might lean into this dilemma, with either Moro or another villain coming to make a wish with the Dragon Balls and the heroes have to deal with the consequences.

7 Merus Joins The Fray

Manga Dragon Ball Super Merus Fights Moro

Dragon Ball It features spectacular battles, but the series can definitely fall into a repeating pattern in which Goku or Vegeta are usually the only ones capable of taking on the main villain. Dragon ball super‘s approach with Moro is exciting because it presents Merus, the most valuable member of the Galactic Patrol and someone who looks like they could save the day instead. Merus is a fascinating character and this movie would be a good opportunity to mark his anime debut and bring him to the scene.

6 The villain is a magic user

Most of the major players in the Dragon Ball universe are capable of executing their powerful movements and transformations due to ki energy. Dragon Ball He explains that magic and ki are not the same and, therefore, it is a force that can sometimes take characters like Goku out of their game. Moro is definitely the strongest magic user in Dragon Ball And it’s a smart change of pace. An evil magic user is another area that would be easy to explore for the new movie, either with Moro or just someone with similar magical powers.

5 The new Namek will play a vital role in the climax

Manga Dragon Ball Super Moro attacks a new Namek

Many of the most important battles in Dragon Ball they settle on Earth because it allows the fate of the planet to be collectively in jeopardy as well. The series has established such a large and rich universe that it is always enjoyable when the material takes advantage of this.

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Moro’s ultimate attack takes place on New Namek, giving the battle a very different feel. This upcoming movie could also benefit from a trip to New Namek, whether it’s used as the setting for the final battle or because the Nameks themselves play a significant role in the current situation.

4 Supporting cast and humans help

Manga Dragon Ball Super Z Warriors Battle Ready

The Dragon Ball series began in a fairly entrenched place where humans could easily be the strongest characters. These characters have been progressively relegated to the background as the Saiyans reigned supreme. One very satisfying aspect of Moro’s bow is that classic fighters like Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha contribute to the chaos Moro has started. It’s a very satisfying moment for the characters, even if they aren’t the ones who ultimately defeat Moro. These characters still get a lot of love and it would be great if they had the same chance in whatever comes next.

3 Explore the consequences of angelic interference

Merus is an important figure in the battle against Moro and it is eventually revealed that in addition to being a member of the Galactic Patrol, Merus is also an Angel. Angels are supposed to remain impartial and not influence events on the planet, but Merus fights Moro and understands that he is worth the death penalty. Whis has explained this Angels rule in the past, but the consequences have never been examined. This is another very compelling component of Dragon Balls tradition that deserves to be covered in the film.

two Vegeta’s guilt for his past sins with the Nameks is unraveled

Manga Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Namekian Guilt

Dragon ball super It prioritizes action over everything else, but it still featured amazing character development, especially for Vegeta. Vegeta is now one of the most heroic individuals in the series, but he comes from a very evil past. The trip to New Namek brings him face to face with his residual guilt over the Innocent Nameks he killed back in Frieza Saga. Vegeta makes amends and gets a close, which amounts to one of Vegeta’s most poignant moments. A similar level of reflection and penance from Vegeta could also play a role in the next movie.

1 Introduces perfected autonomous ultra instinct and forced spiritual fission

Manga Dragon Ball Super Autonomous Ultra Instinct Goku Versus Planet Moro

Dragon ball super‘s the anime concludes with Goku’s Ultra Instinct like his exciting new ability, but he’s still very temperamental and out of his control. Dragon ball super‘s The following manga material provides some very satisfying developments regarding not only Goku’s abilities, but Vegeta’s abilities as well. Goku perfects Autonomous Ultra Instinct and Vegeta masters the Forced Spirit Fission, both of which are instrumental in defeating Moro and would be beautiful to watch in motion. Hopefully Goku and Vegeta will reach these heights in the new movie, regardless of who they’re using them against.

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