If there’s one thing Pixar is known for, it’s unique concepts. The thing is, those concepts are so unique that it’s almost impossible to get any kind of sequel to them, leaving those more eccentric movies in the studio canon standalone films, but they don’t necessarily need sequels.

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From rats becoming world-class chefs to sci-fi movies warning kids about the impact humans are having on the planet, Pixar’s indie movies aren’t just some of the best animated movies of all time. but also some of the best movies of all time. , period. The first four of these entries are even on IMDb’s list of the 250 greatest movies of all time.

10 The Good Dinosaur (2015) – 6.7

Arlo from The Good Dinosaur

Even if The good dinosaur has one of the most interesting concepts of any Pixar movie, as it describes how dinosaurs and humans would have lived together if the meteor did not reach Earth, many thought it was a missed opportunity. Instead of establishing it today and showing how humans built metropolis around dinosaurs, it is still set millions of years in the past.

It is also considered to be aimed at a much younger audience than other Pixar films, as although adults can generally get as much from studio films as children, the exact same cannot be said for The good dinosaur.

9 Brave (2012) – 7.1

From 2012 Bravo broke the Pixar mold in many ways, as it was the first film with a female lead, the first to have a period setting, and the first to have parallels to films from Disney, Pixar’s proprietary studio, as the film follow a princess.

All of this could amount to why the public didn’t love it. Bravo Just as much as other Pixar movies, as viewers are used to mind-blowing, time-warping unique concepts. But for what it is, it’s a brilliant and straightforward movie about a tough princess who explores Scottish culture in an interesting way.

8 The Life of an Insect (1998) – 7.2

Being the second film that Pixar has made, the animation may have looked good at the time, but of all their standalone films, The life of a bug it has possibly aged the worst visually.

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The animation looks extremely old by today’s standards, which is what has led to a low IMDb score compared to the other Pixar movies, but it remains a fan favorite of those who watched it as children. However, regardless of where you are among Pixar movies, The life of a bug is still considered by many to be better than Antz, another similar animated film that was released at the same time.

7 Onwards (2020) – 7.4

From 2020 Go ahead It is the first and only box office bomb in Pixar’s filmography, which is surprising given that it was widely praised by the public, but was released just before the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it has an all-star cast that includes Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, and those who saw it really liked it.

The film is set in a fantasy world and follows two elves on a brotherly adventure. It is reminiscent of Shrek, as the film almost satirizes the fantasy tropes, but remains as sincere as ever.

6 Ratatouille (2007) – 8.0

Remy the rat jumps with cheese

Only Pixar could turn a rat into a world-class chef and make sense of it. Ratatouille set many precedents for Pixar, as outside of the dog in Toy story and the fish in Finding Nemo, is the first Pixar movie where animals are the main characters, which is surprising given that most children’s movies are about talking animals.

Not only that, but it’s also the first film to be set outside of the US, as it’s based in the colorful city of Paris, which is part of the reason audiences love it. Along with the strange narrative, it’s the atmosphere that draws viewers in.

5 Soul (2020) – 8.1

Soul - Joe walking down the street with his briefcase.

From 2020 Soul It is the most recent Pixar film to be released, and is one of the best according to the general public. The movie is the only reason to get a Disney + subscription, and since it launched on the streaming platform on Christmas Day, it surely had entire families full of crying turkeys.

The film has a fantastical, classic Pixar premise, as Joe tries to connect his body and soul after they break up, and his jazz music makes it even more unique in Pixar canon.

4 Inside Out (2015) – 8.1

No wonder Inside out comes from the same mind as the person who created Soul, since both are as amazing as the other. Inside out It has such a complicated premise, but it’s a fine example of world-building and it’s incredibly charming.

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The cast that voices the characters could be the most perfectly chosen of any Pixar movie, and Pixar’s loving portrayal of San Francisco is both hilarious and affectionate. Although it would negatively affect viewers given its emotional weight, the film improves with each viewing as it is full of hidden references that are difficult to grasp the first time.

3 Top (2009) – 8.2

Allie and Carl in Pixar's Up

Until 2009, Pixar had made a name for itself as the animation studio that could make anyone cry. From the emotional pull of the Toy story movies about Sully’s relationship with Boo in Monsters incIt’s hard to hold back tears when you sit down to watch a Pixar movie.

But they upped the ante ten times with Above, while the first ten minutes passed through a decades-long relationship that ended with the death of Carl’s wife. But what follows is the most uplifting story (literally) in which Carl becomes a father figure to Russell.

two WALL-E (2008) – 8.4

WallE gives Eva the plant

From 2017 WALL-E It could well be the smartest and most mature animated movie ever made. The film is the most visual of all the films in Pixar’s filmography, as the first 20 minutes do not feature a single line of dialogue. It’s a testament to how Pixar doesn’t treat their audiences like jerks.

WALL-E presents some very in-depth topics, including the environmental impact humans have on the world, waste management, and many others. What’s better is that even though there are so few words between the main character and EVE, it still works perfectly as a poignant sci-fi romance.

1 Coco (2017) – 8.4

Coco Pixar H├ęctor Miguel Tram

It is not surprising that Coconut It is one of the most expensive Pixar films to date, as it seems like one of the most ambitious animations from the studio given that most of the film is set in the impressive afterlife. But the expense was worth it, since Coconut It was a massive hit, loved by critics and the general public alike, and grossed more than $ 800 million worldwide.

The film has all the heart that audiences expect from a Pixar film and presents a fascinating look at Mexican culture, as well as how Ratatouille did with Paris and Bravo did with Scotland. But above all, it has the most emotionally driven fantasy elements of any Pixar movie.

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