Discovery CEO David Zaslav says Disney’s intimidating success inspired the decision to merge WarnerMedia with Discovery Inc.

Competition from Disney was one of the main reasons for the impending merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc.

“With Disney accelerating to that point due to COVID, I just looked at that and thought who could take it on? Who could be such a formidable global offering?” Discovery CEO David Zaslav said Variety. “When you put us together: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, game of Thrones, Sex and the city, HBO and Discovery are all over the world with local content, we are better together. “

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“I’ve been making deals my whole life,” Zaslav continued. “The standard is always, are they better together? In this case, we are not just better together. We are the best media company in the world, more global than anyone else with all the news, sports, entertainment and huge tents that we bring. together. “

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In a sudden move that shocked the entertainment world, AT&T announced this week that it will sell WarnerMedia assets such as Warner Bros. and HBO (among many other famous brands) to Discovery Inc.The deal will close on an unspecified date in 2022 and the New company formed from this merger will be led by Zaslav. This development comes just under three years after AT&T completed its $ 85 billion purchase of Time Warner, which it later renamed WarnerMedia.

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