Respawn’s lead game designer has stated in a recent Reddit AMA that limited-time modes are being considered for Apex Legend’s Arena mode.

The recently released Arenas mode for Apex legends You could get Limited Time Modes (LTMs), according to Respawn Entertainment lead game designer Carlos Pineda. The newest free Battle Royale mode launched earlier this month as part of the game’s ninth season, titled Legacy.

Arena mode is a permanent addition to the game, where two teams of three players attempt to eliminate each other in a series of rounds, and the first team to win 3 rounds is declared victorious. Along with the Arena, Season 9 also brought with it a new hero, an aerial recon Legend named Valkyrie. Valkyrie was first revealed to fans during a Stories from the Outlands movie titled “North Star,” which delved into Legend’s origins and revealed that she is in fact the daughter of Viper, a secondary antagonist who appears in the shooter. first person from Respawn from 2016. Titanfall 2.

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In a recent AMA at the Apex legends Reddit page, lead game designer Carlos Pineda disclosed the future objectives of the study with Appendix, stating that the introduction of limited time modes in Arenas was “definitely on the table.“He further added that even though LTMs are on the cards, the studio would have to”weigh that up with other features,”Since a lot of time has to be invested in the development of LTMs. However, currently Pineda revealed that the development team is focused on implementing sanctions for players who leave the middle of the game and on providing loss forgiveness, stating “we hate when people leave early.

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The AMA also provided more information on what Respawn has in the works. Appendix, and the developers claim that along with the incoming balance patches for Arenas, more custom maps for the mode are also in the works. Other than that, the AMA indicated that fans can look forward to more multiplayer modes for Appendix in the future. The studio also recently announced that Arenas will receive a ranked mode in the future, though they have not specified a release date yet. Since the game’s director, Chad Grenier, has previously stated that he refuses to force the Apex legends The development team will be undergoing a crisis, these updates will not arrive as quickly for the battle royale as players can hope.

Although Reddit interactions can be a minefield for game developers, it’s good to see Respawn developers continually taking the time to communicate with Apex legends fans and answer their burning questions. The Arenas mode has certainly proven to be a popular addition to the Battle Royale, and the AMA has shown fans that the new mode is just the beginning of what Respawn has planned.

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Apex legends is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Fountain: Carlos Pineda / Reddit

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