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As I recall impressive talents brought up too early in their burgeoning lives, one of the first names that come to mind is Brandon lee – actor and brilliant martial artist who passed away at the age of 28, on March 31, 1993. On the set of the hit 1994 comic book movie The Raven, about a rock star resurrected to avenge the murders of himself and his fiancée, was mortally wounded by a fictitious round nose lodged unknowingly in the barrel of an unauthorized pistol during the filming of his character’s death scene.

Despite starring in only six films, including Showdown in Little Tokyo With Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee left a legacy that fans still yearn to learn more about, which is what we’ve done to prepare for this article. In honor of this beloved actor, the following are six fascinating facts about his life and career, starting with his famous family.

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