Killua Zoldyck was the secondary protagonist of the hunter X hunter series and a boy trained to become a deadly assassin. His character has progressed well alongside Gon as the anime has continued, moving forward as companions and friends rather than rivals.

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Despite the invaluable help he’s given Gon’s journey to find his father, Killua has as many flaws as you would expect from a dynamic and realistic character. By analyzing his greatest strengths and juxtaposing them with his worst weaknesses, we can better appreciate his merits as a fighter and partner.

10 WEAKNESS: His dark past has been exploited and turned against him

Killua’s time with the Zoldyck family was not without cost. Illumi gained such pernicious influence over him that he managed to brainwash him into killing Bodoro in the Hunter Exam and thus lost the opportunity to obtain a license.

Although he was able to pass the second test he took (much more easily) after learning Nen with Wing, his brother’s influence showed how his morbid past and conditioning haunted him long after he left the farm.

9 STRENGTH: Killua has an incredibly high pain tolerance

Killua tortured by Milluki

Although what his family did to him was heinous, the torture caused Killua to develop an absurdly high tolerance for pain that would enhance his ability as a murderer.

Regardless of how badly Milluki spanked him, he refused to retract the values ​​he had learned from Gon Freecss or agree to inherit the mantle of leadership his father desired for him. The strength he learned at home would be a huge asset during the Chimera Ant arc, where heroes faced the threat of pain and worse in countless situations.

8 WEAKNESS: Killua’s durability is not particularly noticeable

Killua may have the benefit of pain tolerance, although that does not translate into direct resistance against physical damage. He knew how easily he would be overwhelmed by Youpi in an even fight, and was therefore obliged to work with Knuckle to overthrow him.

Unfortunately, he has never demonstrated considerably high durability, especially compared to his compatriot Gon Freecss. However, Killua’s ability to compensate with other abilities allows him to remain viable in a fight even if he cannot withstand as many attacks as his friends or opponents (except with his Gyo’s concentration).

7 STRENGTH: Killua’s automated reflexes provide alacrity in battle

During his fight against Youpi, Killua awakened the next level of his Godspeed abilities, and he was able to move so fast that dodging him was almost intuitive. This supplemented his already stellar speed and allowed him to utilize it in battle to its full potential.

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Perhaps most importantly, it allowed him to make up for his previously mentioned low durability and continue the battle against a royal guard who could cut through rock and steel alike with ease. If not for its adaptability, it could have faced the same failure as its predecessor, Shoot McMahon.

6 WEAKNESS: Killua’s jealousy and stress are sometimes toxic

Killua spying on gon

Killua has often shown insecurity about his friendship with Gon and it is understandable. Gon was the first true comrade he made and it completely changed his outlook on life.

However, Killua’s decision to stalk him while he was on a date with Palm was reckless. Although he had decent reasons for chasing after the pair (as the woman was clearly not in a good mood), he would have compromised his divination services if he had been caught lurking in the shadows.

5 STRENGTH: Killua’s loyalty is unquestionable

Killua can sometimes appear jealous, although his actions belie the deep loyalty and loyalty he feels towards his friend, Gon. He refused to hand him over to his family and agreed to help him find his father (and later, Kite) during his exploits at the NGL.

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When Gon was seriously injured in the wake of his victory over Neferpitou, Killua used his younger brother’s work of miracles to regain his health. This was despite the fact that doing so drew the ire of Illumi and Hisoka, both villains considerably stronger than him.

4 WEAKNESS: Killua is naturally pessimistic

Killua’s pessimism is in stark contrast to Gon’s optimism, allowing the two to play well with each other. During Isaac Netero’s surprise test in the gym, he was the first to give up on snatching the ball from his hands or forcing him to break his own playing conditions.

After he left, Gon continued to try his luck and finally got Netero to change which of his hands was holding the ball. Although it wasn’t enough to get his license, it filled Gin with a guaranteed sense of accomplishment and proved that he was his father’s son.

3 STRENGTH: Killua’s pragmatism is often necessary

hunter x hunter gon killua kite

While Killua’s pessimism may inhibit the way he pursues his dreams, it can also serve as a necessary asset for the mutual survival of the children. After Kite sacrificed himself so he could escape Neferpitou, he had the good sense to run before it was too late and convince Gon to do the same.

Additionally, he is far more willing to kill potential threats than Gon, minimizing the number of adversaries the heroes might encounter in an already precarious landscape. This was especially true of the Chimera Ant arc.

two WEAKNESS: Killua’s dependence on Gon is unhealthy

Killua’s loyalty may be an admirable quality, but much of his identity has been built around his relationship with Gon. This creates a toxic dependency on what would otherwise be a close friendship, especially when Gon’s own goal (finding his father) had little to do with Killua’s sense of self.

Fortunately, the assassin began to ossify his own identity after Gon’s hospitalization at the end of the Chimera Ant arc, where he vowed to take care of Alluki and protect them from threats once his friend had been properly restored.

1 STRENGTH: Killua’s teamwork is phenomenal

Killua’s ability to synergize with his comrades makes him an invaluable asset in whatever challenge he works on. Although he is (unsurprisingly) the most compatible with Gon, he has shown his ability to work with others on numerous occasions.

He collaborated alongside Knuckle to defeat Youpi and was even able to work with Hisoka against Game Master Razor during the events of the Greed Island arc. Your teamwork skills allow you to harness your speed to its full potential.

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