Snowpiercer He is little known for his good times, but when they happen, it makes them even more moving. Snowpiercer it’s designed to be a bit depressing; after all, it’s set in an apocalypse where the same people have been stuck on a train for too many years.

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That said, life on this train is seen as a constant struggle that is filled with death or the threat of it, but on occasion, these characters can make fans completely change their mindset and warm even the coldest of hearts. These poignant moments make the characters feel human and show that even at the end of the world, people can love and be kind. Although, these moments are usually followed by horrible deaths or Mr. Wilford doing … anything.

10 Winnie watching the world

Winnie in the glass dome

Winnie has been through a considerable amount of pain in season 1. She lost her mother and brother on the train and is barely above 10. She has seen cannibalism and murder and felt neglect and hunger, all before even realizing it. what is happening.

After watching her go through all these heartbreaks, watching her flee through the chaos of the uprising and finding a dome that shows the top of the train and the frozen wasteland around it, is a welcome element of calm. Winnie has never seen more than the projections and little windows in the tail when it comes to the world around her, which only makes this moment more heartbreaking.

9 Find out that the world is warming

Melanie ready to leave the train

One of the main aspects of Snowpiercer It is the destination of the train. It often feels as if the characters are doomed to repeat the events of political instability on the train until they are finally extinguished. So when the hope that one day they can get off the train and start rebuilding life comes into play, it’s hard not to feel the joy and relief these characters must feel.

It spurs some trouble down the road, but that element of hope was undeniably comforting and charming to watch in such a dark and twisted world.

8 Melanie meeting Alex

Melanie and Alex face to face

The main aspect of this program is the increase of hope followed by destruction and anguish. This is sadly the case with Alex and Melanie’s relationship. But at first, after learning the reason why Melanie dumped Alex, fans were delighted to finally see them together. Even if Alex wasn’t very happy about it.

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It’s a tumultuous relationship, but their first connection after Melanie thought she was dead is undeniably comforting. It’s nice to see a family get back together instead of falling apart on this show (ignoring the season 2 finale).

7 Layton and Zarah

Layton and Zarah sleeping

When it comes to Snowpiercer, the only touching moments are relationships or friendships. After all, nothing great is happening with the train itself, other than global warming.

The first really moving scene viewers experience is when Layton steps out of line and meets his ex-love Zarah. They share a tender moment that truly allows viewers and characters alike to escape the dystopia they find themselves in.

6 Roche and his family

Roches family saying goodbye to their daughter

At the beginning of the show, many fans looked down on the likes of Till, Osweiller, and Roche simply for the unnecessary amount of force towards the tail. However, after meeting them and seeing their face change, fans started liking Roche.

This is due to her relationship with Layton and the love she shows to her family. He may have been a Wilford supporter, but his relationship with his family is a constant uplifting element of the show.

5 The last Australian encounter Another Australian

Both Australians meeting at Snowpiercer

This was quite unexpected and seems to have been forgotten in the meantime, which is a shame, because it brought so much joy to the fans. At this point, many are used to seeing the romance between Layton and Zarah and the love shared between Roche and his family, but seeing the latest Australian meet his love was a welcome surprise during a tense moment.

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It was very nice to see them both react to this encounter after the event and it was very heartwarming to witness so much devotion and hope within these two supporting characters. Many fans are hoping this will be explored further in the upcoming season.

4 Miles watching Josie

Split image of miles and Josie

One of the similarities between Sowpiercer and the movie version is Miles. It may not be a direct copy, but the boy who was sent to be in the front of the train and away from his family; has a great similarity, although luckily they do not share the same luck.

When fans found out that Josie was alive, most were excited! Without a doubt, she is a fan favorite, mainly due to her love for Miles as a mother. So when Miles told him how good he was and how happy he was, fans couldn’t help but smile.

3 Josie and Icy Bob

Josie frozen looking over Icy Bob

Josie had been through terrible things during seasons 1 and 2. However, freezing was definitely the worst thing Melanie has ever done on that train. That said, it was a perfect opportunity for Josie to infiltrate Big Alice and do some undercover work.

When he met Icy Bob, many fans weren’t sure due to seeing him kill a ton of people a few episodes earlier. However, he begins to help her deal with the mutilations that have been practiced on her. The scene where he helps her overcome a panic attack was heartwarming and certainly changed many minds about Icy Bob.

two Melanie and Bennett

Bennett watching Melanie driving the train

This is the first long-term, true love viewers see on Snowpiercer and it’s one that caused some to hesitate a bit after discovering Melaine’s malice as a whole. However, nothing elicits a smile or a moment of calm like a good little bit of love.

The relationship between these two caused a welcome escape from the chaos of the train and caused many to view both Melanie and Bennett in a completely different light.

1 LJ and Alex

LJ and Alex in the glass dome on top of the train

Very few fans and characters like LJ. After all, she is a manipulator, a murderer, and sometimes she is just a nuisance. That said, it was very comforting to see the relationship between Alex and LJ. After all, they seemed to have met before the freeze.

The two of them looking out at the world through that glass dome felt like a breath of fresh air for everyone involved. It was nice to see two teenagers doing normal teenage things, despite the unfortunate scenario they are in.

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