In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point, the Dark Knight is working with Snake Eyes to learn the secret truth of the island.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman / Fortnite: Ground Zero # 3

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point, The Dark Knight is determined to uncover the hidden secrets of Fortnite island, and has just teamed up with GI Joe’s Snake Eyes to do it. However, both heroes are being used as pawns by secret forces working behind the scenes, monitoring their activities and manipulating events for unknown purposes. While they apparently expected Batman and Snake Eyes to keep busy, it appears that the Dark Knight and the Joes’ resident ninja have other plans.

In the previous two issues of Batman / Fortnite From Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Reilly Brown, Nelson Faro DeCastro, and John Kalisz, Batman found himself trapped on Fortnite Island with no clear way to escape. Not only that, but he had no way of speaking and had no recollection of his past. However, his skills as a fighter still remained. Since the first issue, the Dark Knight has been caught in a time cycle of endless battles on the island, and his memory is erased every 22 minutes with the start of each new fight. However, that hasn’t stopped the Caped Crusader from being the best detective in the world, writing messages for himself, and building a makeshift Batcave to operate from. He also managed to forge a connection with Catwoman, even though they had both lost their memories, and Batman managed to orchestrate their escape in the last issue.

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Now, Batman / Fortnite: Ground Zero # 3 he sees the island’s undercover agents sending emails and job notes back and forth, and there seems to be a legitimate concern as to what Batman might uncover. As a result, they have sent one of their “assets” to intercept and distract the Dark Knight, and it is none other than GI Joe’s Snake Eyes. Yet they are evenly matched, so much so that the rest of the fighting for the island’s other assets comes to a halt, watching in awe at their seemingly endless looping battles. That said, despite their inability to talk to each other and losing their memories with each fight, they end up recognizing each other’s strength and abilities over time, respecting each other to forge a team using a form of sign language. This worries the undercover agents even more, who are unprepared for Batman to learn what they have been up to.

Batman: Sign Language Fortnite-3

At the end of the issue, Snake Eyes managed to escape the island with the help of Batman, leaving the Dark Knight to continue his investigation into the island’s secrets. While Snake Eyes stalked Batman temporarily, it wasn’t as long as the agents hoped. According to his memos, Batman is on his way, forcing the entire organization (whoever they are) to be on high alert.

Seeing Batman and Snake Eyes fighting and teaming up is quite epic and exciting, which makes this theme a must-have for bat Man, G.I. Joe, Y Fortnite fans alike. In any case, it seems that the Dark Knight is about to find out what is really going on with Fortnite Island, and the real battle is about to begin when Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point continue with three more numbers.

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