People often fear giant characters, thanks to their being big, muscular, and in some cases, a monster. For gentle giants, their appearances are often deceptive. While many of these gentle giants are actually powerful fighters, they are also reliable allies.

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They don’t like to fight, but they won’t hesitate to do so if it means protecting others. They have a soft spot for cute things, as well as a tender side, showing a gentle disposition towards the few people who can see past physical appearances. Despite the fact that they are often marginalized or intimidated by their appearance, gentle giants remain gentle through thick and thin.

10 Bleach: Yasutora Sado risked her life to protect a bird

As a child, Sado was violent and always got into fights. It wasn’t until his grandfather protected him that Sado realized the error of his ways. He made a promise to himself not to fight anyone again unless it was to protect someone else. As he grew older, he became more calm and reserved. He made close friends for whom he risks his life. Sado has a weakness for cute things and even risked his life to protect a parakeet from a Hollow.

9 Castle In The Sky: Laputan’s robots are harmless and have a love for nature

Sheeta, Pazu and Robot in Castle In The Sky

Even after all the people residing in Laputa had left, the robots remained as caretakers of the plants. One of those robots guides Sheeta and Pazu through the garden. Finally, they notice a large pile of disabled robots, which seem to have shut down after a lifetime of gardening.

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The active robot offers Sheeta a flower to place on a grave and doesn’t even seem to care about the little animals running through her body.

8 Seven Deadly Sins: Diane is one of the few giants who are not obsessed with fighting

Diane dances

While living in the Giant Clan, Diane felt like an outcast because she didn’t want to fight all the time. She likes to use her strength to protect her friends, as well as people who cannot protect themselves, even if she is mortally wounded in the process. Former Giant King Drole recognized his leadership as absolutely necessary, realizing that his compassion and ability to think outside the box was something he lacked as a leader.

7 Dragon Ball: The Ox King softened as he aged

Ox-King surprised

For a time, people feared the Ox King. Since his castle was constantly surrounded by fire and inaccessible, he became angry, often taking his anger out on innocent passersby. Once Master Roshi put out the fire, the Ox King promised his former Master that he would change his ways. It becomes more tame over time. He is hardly ever unable to say no to his daughter Chi-Chi, mainly because she is so much scarier than he is, despite her enormous stature.

6 Fairy Tail: Elfman Strauss grew strong to protect others

Elfman smiles

Elfman is a man hyper-focused on the concept of manhood. He constantly expresses the importance of acting manly and strives to become a stronger magician. He wasn’t always like this, starting as a weaker and more withdrawn individual until he lost his sister Lisanna.

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Blaming himself for losing her, he concentrated on becoming strong enough to protect his older sister, Mirajane. Realizing that Lisanna was still alive, he was overjoyed and his determination to protect his sisters was multiplied tenfold.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Alphonse Elric is still a child

alphonse looking forward fullmetal alchemist

Alphonse lost his entire human body after attempting to resurrect his dead mother alongside his brother, Edward. Edward was able to bring back his brother’s soul and attached it to one of the nearby armors in the room. Although Alphonse appears to be tall and intimidating, he is still Edward’s little brother. He is a kind and patient individual, who is often the one who speaks with common sense to his short-tempered brother.

4 Inuyasha: Jinenji didn’t have a violent bone in his body

Jinenji and Kagome take care of the plants.

Inuyasha and Kagome encountered a host of dangerous demons during their travels, but Jinenji was one of the first exceptions they encountered. Jinenji was a half demon who lived alone with his mother. Although the villagers blamed Jinenji for their troubles and constantly tried to drive them away, Jinenji would always run away and his mother would be the one to protect him. He only fought once, to protect Kagome from attacking demons, but after he was defeated, he kindly tended to the wounds of the villagers.

3 Pokémon: Muk is always affectionate

Muk hugs Ash

Despite being a creature made of toxic and smelly sludge, Muk seems to like humans very much. He’s not actually too picky when it comes to who he shows his affection to, but he can be particularly affectionate when he’s around Professor Oak or his coach Ash Ketchum. Every time Ash calls Professor Oak, it is not uncommon for the Professor to be suffocated by the loving Pokémon. He loves to give big hugs, although not everyone wants one.

two Nausicaa of the valley of the wind: the ohmu are peaceful as long as they are not antagonistic

Nausicaa confronts Ohmu

Ohmu are giant insects that are herbivores. They are peaceful creatures that tend to keep to themselves. However, they are quick to retaliate if someone kills a nearby insect. They care about life, so they will not be passively sidelined if that life is in danger. Being intelligent creatures, they can also understand the good intentions of other creatures. They show their appreciation to Nausicaa when she saves baby Ohmu.

1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jonathan Joestar’s Father Raised Him To Be Kind

Jonathan Joestar was inspired by his father, whose kindness was so immense that it made him naive. Jonathan decided that he wanted to be a true gentleman. He jumped to protect the others even if they were completely unknown to him. When Dio Brando humiliated Erina Pendleton, Jonathan decided that he would grow stronger to protect his honor. He does not like to fight with others, he often expresses regret and sympathy when he does so, but fights if he feels he has a good reason to do so.

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