As seen on the trailers of Suicide squadJohn Cena’s Peacemaker character may look like a clone of the MCU’s Captain America, but given the characters’ respective backstories and what has been seen of Peacemaker thus far, there are a few key differences. Based on the DC Comics character of the same name, Peacemaker was first introduced in 1966, as a pacifist diplomat so committed to the ideals of peace that he would fight (not lethally) to defend them. Captain America, who preceded Peacemaker in his first comic book appearance in 1940, was always a soldier, and these differences seem to affect the cinematic representations of the characters as well.

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Peacemaker, for his appearance in the trailers of Suicide squadHe is firmly committed to the ideal of peace and is willing to kill for it, an apparent contradiction that leaves his teammates questioning his sanity. Captain America, in his MCU appearances, is a patriot and soldier; the MCU may have a problem with violence, but hypocrisy is not the problem in question. Captain America can seek a peaceful solution to problems, he is by no means a pacifist. Suicide squad The trailer also suggests that Peacemaker may have been imprisoned for his vigilante actions, compared to Captain America’s more socially accepted use of violence in the service of his country and its ideals.

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Aesthetically, the appearances of the characters are only similar on a very superficial level. Both Peacemaker and Captain America (in his incarnation of Steve Rogers) are very muscular men who wear helmets and a broad-shouldered frame. However, in terms of their gear, the characters differ significantly: Captain America wears body armor, compared to Peacemaker’s short-sleeved t-shirt. The Peacemaker t-shirt may offer some advantage, but by all appearances, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as Steve Rogers’ Captain America suit.

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Characters fulfill different roles in their worlds

In the MCU, Captain America is a soldier and often a representative of the US government: His reason for violence in the service of the ideal of patriotism is clear. While the story of Peacemaker’s character is not widely revealed in the trailers, it is implied that he is a former diplomat, whose violent pursuit of peace at any cost took the form of vigilante action. Consequently, its appearance in Suicide squad it shows him as a current prisoner of the state, suggesting that his actions were not sanctioned by the government. The most direct comparison between the characters, their activities as superheroes, differentiates them considerably.

Peacemaker is also not a ‘superhero’ in the traditional sense of the word. Aside from his jealous disregard for the lives of anyone who stands between him and peace, Peacemaker’s origins don’t include superpowers, or even especially advanced technology. While described as being in “ the best of human physical condition, ” Peacemaker accomplished this through regular exercise in pursuit of his goal, unlike the origins of Captain America’s super soldier project. This means that while Peacemaker can help achieve the Suicide Squad’s goals through sheer skill and determination, he is not likely to display feats of super strength.

Your team is different

Captain America’s iconic shield is the result of advanced metallurgy and careful design, making it nearly unbreakable and capable of absorbing impact damage without passing it on to its wearer. The iconic Peacemaker helmet appears to be made of stainless steel and hopefully is padded; otherwise it would provide very little protection against head injury. This distinction is striking, especially since Peacemaker’s other physical protection is scant at best; While it might be possible to destroy Captain America’s shield, it would take a lot more than piercing through Peacekeeper’s helmet or shirt, not to mention his bare arms.

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Although Peacemaker’s helmet and chest emblem have doves on them, a shield could have been more in keeping with his peaceful ideals; instead, his weapon of use is a long-barreled pistol, sometimes equipped with a silencer. While Captain America has used a weapon before, he shows considerable proficiency in Captain America the First Avenger – not the signature weapon he is most immediately associated with (and uses weapons less prominently over the course of his solo films). Although he’s quite capable of using his shield offensively, it’s somewhat ironic that Captain America’s weapon of choice is defensive, and the Peacekeeper’s definitely isn’t.

Your goals and perspectives are opposite

John Cena has described Peacemaker as “douchey captain america“a sentiment highlighted by Captain America’s story of selfless actions and Peacemaker’s generally homicidal leanings. While both characters are defined by their driven commitment to a cause: Peacemaker’s love of peace and freedom, and idealism. of Captain America for the values ​​of the United States – It seems safe to assume that Peacemaker’s hypocrisy as an ultraviolent pacifist (an inherent contradiction) defines him as much as Captain America’s outspokenness. The first avenger, Captain America mentions that he doesn’t want to kill anyone, and in the Suicide squad In the trailer, Peacemaker reaffirms his commitment to leaving a bloody trail to anyone who threatens his idealized peace.

This difference in perspectives is tailored to their relative positions in the world and the films they star in. Captain America was first put on a pedestal as a wartime hero of the American ideal, and Civil war He showed what he was willing to sacrifice for his ideals. The Suicide squad characters will die for an ideal, but not necessarily one of their own choosing. While Peacemaker’s fervent drive for peace may coincide with the Suicide Squad’s goals within the film, it’s a fair guess that he’s probably resentful of the restrictions that being a member of the infamous team places on his freedom to pursue them.

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Captain America and Peacemaker have a very superficial set of similarities, but they have been very different in their means, motives, and opportunities from the characters’ respective origins. Peacemaker could reasonably be considered a parody of Captain America and he fulfills that role quite well, but he has enough of his own character that he’s not just a clone or clone reduced to absurdity. Further trailers may not reveal much more until the movie or the next one. Pacifier The television series comes out. For now, it seems Suicide squad not Quite have a clone of Captain America in the cast.

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