One of Spider-Man’s lesser villains has just gained his freedom and could end up serving as a surprisingly important figure in a looming conflict.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 66 by Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Brian Reber, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, out now.

As befits a character who has been fighting criminals and supervillains for over half a century, Spider-Man has amassed many villains. While some are exceptionally dangerous to him and others have become mainstays of the Marvel Universe as a whole, there is an entire subsection of lesser villains with unique powers who, with proper guidance, could become genuine threats to Web-Swinger and his friends. friends.

This includes Spot, a relatively minor Spider-Man antagonist who has just been returned to the world after a stint at the Ravencroft Institute. In particular, this is just as the mysterious “Sinister War” is preparing to heat up, which could make it an unlikely recruit for one side of the conflict.

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The Spot first appeared in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man # 98 by Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe. Johnathon Ohnn, a scientist who worked for Wilson Fisk, attempts to replicate Cloak’s teleportation powers and lost him in a different dimension. When he returned, the portal, as well as other similar-looking black spots, manifested on his skin. By learning to control these miniature, portable space warps, the newly dubbed Spot became a minor Spider-Man villain, working with various villains over the years. He has also been assassinated several times over the years at the hands of Tombstone in Spider-Man Tangled Web and by Wolverine during Wolverine: Agent of SHIELD. Each time, he is revived only to be used again by some other villain for some other plan.

Recently, however, Fisk captured Spot and experimented on him in hopes of better utilizing his powers. He was even recruited to help contain the Kindred, with his powers fueling the White Project within Kindred’s cell in Ravencroft. Due to his powers, Norman Osborn is also forced to turn to him in Amazing spider man # 66, allowing Norman to free his demonically enchanted son thanks to the Spot. In return, Norman allows the Spot to escape confinement at Ravencroft, allowing him to go free. The Spot was never Spider-Man’s most dangerous villain, often being a henchman of more ambitious and intoxicating villains. However, his powers make him a really useful asset for a figure smart enough, that like Fisk, he could find a use for sending beings across his Tainted Dimension.

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It might even be the key to really getting the hang of Spider-Man, as the unique attributes of his specific teleportation powers make him capable of sneaking up on Spider-Man from another dimension and avoiding activating his Spider-Sense. Although Spot has never really been a top-notch villain, he’s reentering the Marvel Universe just in time for many of his fellow villains to take sides in the next one. Sinister war. It could still prove to be a surprisingly effective weapon if one of the leaders of those opposing forces discovered its freedom and figured out how to use it. Alternatively, the Spot could become a target of both groups, even just to remove it from the board.

It could even become another priority for Wilson Fisk and his recently resurrected son, Rose, with Fisk fully aware of the potential Spot has within him. Thanks to the sheer uniqueness of his abilities, he could easily become a secret weapon for any number of villains hoping to bring chaos to New York City. Spot may never have been Spider-Man’s most important villain, but his importance and his newfound freedom could have increased his potential importance in the future.

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