While the beginning of Star Wars: The High Republic # 5 shows the Jedi and the Hutt cartel in combat, the growing Drengir threat turns the tables.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic # 5 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Leoni, and Ariana Maher from VC, on sale now.

Up to this point, Star Wars: the high republic has mainly focused on the Drengir invasion on Sedri Minor and aboard the Starlight Beacon, but Star Wars: The High Republic # 5, shows how far the Drengir threat has spread. The overwhelming threat from the Drengir causes an unstable alliance to form between the Jedi and the Hutt cartel, at least as long as the Drengir remain active.

At first, an alliance seems highly unlikely. While Jedi Marshall Avar Kriss, Sskeer, Terec, Ceret and Keeve Trennis are trying to deal with the Drengir threat on Sedri Minor, Myarga the Benevolent, a cyborg Hutt, arrives with her entourage and tells the Jedi to “get off our planet. .. “Myarga is unwilling to negotiate and attempts to claim Sedri Minor for the Hutt cartel. Sskeer deduces that he is handling a protection racket. She claims that she has come to protect the settlers, but her earlier possessive language shows that she feels she owns the settlers and the goods they produce. Enraged, Sskeer, possessed by the Drengir, attacks Myarga.

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High Republic Hutt Cartel Feature

This unfavorable beginning makes cooperation between the Jedi and Myarga’s entourage even more impossible, as the three forces, Jedi, Hutts, and Drengir, begin to fight each other. Once Myarga breaks free from Sskeer’s grip, she reveals her other name. She says, “At last, Myarga the Ruthless is free. No Jedi will be safe from my wrath.” This statement further highlights the overdramatical nature of Myarga. Avar Kriss comments that Myarga sounds like she’s in a holodrama. Myarga’s talent for drama prevents her from seeing the situation clearly and she does not realize who her true enemy is.

To salvage the situation, Avar uses distress signals received by the Jedi from all over the Outer Rim to convince Myarga to fight with them against the Drengir. The overwhelming number of calls shows that the Drengir have spread their infestation throughout the Outer Rim, affecting thousands of communities. Most importantly, the Drengir have already spread to Nal Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutt cartel. Myarga still hesitates, fearing doom from the five families, but Avar boasts that the Jedi will leave Myarga alone to deal with the Drengir on Sedri Minor. This tactic finally convinces Myarga, and she tells her people to join forces with the Jedi.

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Avar Kriss negotiates with Myarga of the Hutt Star Wars High Republic Cartel

This alliance between the Jedi and the Hutts shows how formidable the Drengir have become enemies. Without the imminent threat of the Drengir, both sides would focus on defeating each other. The deal also highlights Avar Kriss’ resourcefulness and shows why she was chosen to serve as Jedi Marshal for Starlight Beacon and the Outer Rim. With the Drengir and Nihil continuing their destruction in the galaxy, the Jedi must continue to adapt and use similar resources to protect the galaxy.

At the end of the issue, a desperate plan by Jedi Master Sskeer and Keeve Trennis appears to convince the Drengir that “the harvest” has been tainted. With the Drengir seemingly in retreat, it remains to be seen if the alliance between the Jedi and the Hutt cartel will hold. Before executing his plan, Sskeer explained that the Drengir are particularly difficult to annihilate, and even the smallest seed could flourish in another infestation. Due to the nature of the Drengir, even though the Drengir begin to retreat, it is unknown how long they will stop pursuing their destructive path. Therefore, the alliance, forged in desperation, between the Jedi and the Hutt cartel may have to last much longer than both sides expect.

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