Here are all the 80s Action Heroes challenges in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, along with their rewards. Complete them before they disappear!

Call of Duty has been killing you when it comes to its in-game events and themed challenge rosters. Fans started seeing more of this with the release of Call of Duty: War Zone Y Black Ops Cold War he has not shied away. Season 3 has given players many new weapons to unlock, such as the AMP63 pistol. Now, the Action Hero event of the 80s is live Black Ops Cold War Y Warzone.

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The most interesting thing about this event is the fact that it has different challenges to War zone, Cold War Multiplayer and Cold War Zombies Fans haven’t seen anything of this scale coming from Call of Duty, so they’re excited to unlock multiple new items. Those who play both games can get all the rewards. Here all the challenges and rewards of Action Hero of the 80s in Black Ops Cold War Y Call of Duty: War Zone

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Warzone: 80s Action Hero Challenges and Rewards

Call of Duty Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Point of Interest

Players can complete a different set of ’80s Action Hero challenges in Call of Duty: Warzone. They will get a special reward once they have completed all 9 challenges. Here are all the Warzone challenges for 80s action heroes and their rewards.

  • They drew the first blood: In Warzone, win First Blood by being the first member of your squad to kill. Reward: Comic Savior – Epic Business Card
  • Yippee yay Ki: In Warzone, get 15 kills with explosive weapons or lethal equipment. Reward: Bomb! – Legendary Weapon Amulet
  • No labels left behind: In Warzone Power Grab, collect 50 Dog Tags. Reward: Cosmic Traveler – Epic Emblem
  • Get to Choppa!: In Warzone Power Grab, reach the final circle 5 times. Reward: Proper Grip – Rare Sticker
  • Get together, have some laughs: In Warzone, eliminate 25 enemy targets during the Public Weapon Deal Event. Reward: Player One – Epic Business Card
  • Happy traces: In Warzone, survive a jump to the ground from the top of the Nakatomi tower. Reward: BLAAARRGHHH – Rare Emblem.
  • Hostile takeover: In Warzone, complete any of the three side missions in Nakatomi Tower. Reward: Public Telephone – Legendary Emblem
  • Mission accomplished– In Warzone, collect 3 Rambo POW Dog Tags. Reward: Action Packed – Rare Business Card Mind is Best Weapon: In Warzone, get 3 kills with Combat Bow’s kill streak. Reward: chaotic – rare sticker.

Make sure to complete these challenges while they are still available. Completing all of the ’80s Action Hero challenges will unlock Ignition, an epic blueprint for the Pellington. Act fast, the 80s Action Hero Challenges are only available until June 2!

Black Ops Cold War: 80s Action Hero Challenges and Rewards

By jumping into Black Ops Cold War, players can complete a different set of multiplayer and zombie challenges to unlock a different set of rewards. Here are all the challenges and rewards of the Cold War action heroes of the 80s.

  • Welcome to the party, friend: Complete 7 matches on the Zombies 80s or Multiplayer Action Hero Playlists. (Must reach round 5 in Zombies to count). Reward: Glamor Shot – Epic Business Card
  • Can we win this time?: In an Action Heroes playlist from the 80s, win multiplayer games or use italics until Round 15 in Zombies a total of 3 times. Reward: Robot Tank – Black Ops Arcade.
  • There is no sequel for you: In an Action Hero playlist from the 80s, get a total of 100 eliminations in Multiplayer or Carnage Medals in Zombies. Reward: Apex Gator – Epic Clock
  • How about your ribs?: In multiplayer or zombies, win 25 Have fun! Medals for getting kills with explosives. Reward: Shoulder Fire – Rare Sticker
  • A war you won’t believe: In multiplayer or zombies, earn 25 fully charged medals by getting multiple kills with automatic weapons without reloading. Reward: Blasting Heat – Epic Business Card
  • Your worst nightmare: In multiplayer or zombies, earn 25 Light Em Up medals while using a death machine. Reward: Summer Palm – Epic Weapon Charm
  • My hunting knife: In multiplayer or zombies, earn 25 personal medals with a melee weapon. Reward: Main Hero – Rare Sticker
  • I don’t have time to bleedGet 3 kills without dying in multiplayer or win Jackrabbit MEdals in Zombies a total of 10 times.
  • To stay: In multiplayer or zombies, earn 10 chopped medals while using the Tomahawk. Reward: Steve – Epic Charm

Completing all nine challenges will unlock Flamebearer, an epic blueprint for the DMR. Unfortunately, players will not unlock John McClane or Rambo by completing these challenges, as both operators must be purchased for 2400 COD points each.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Last-Gen

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