The CW picked up a serial order for Ava Duvernay and Jill Blankenship’s DC Comics adaptation of Naomi, starring Kaci Walfall in the title role.

The CW has given a serial order to the DC Comics adaptation, Naomi. Created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell, Naomi debuted as a teenage DC Comics superhero in Naomi # 1 in 2019. The eponymous character hails from an alternate universe, but is sent to Earth after an executioner in mass. called Zumbado eradicates all life on its home planet. Since last December, CW veteran Jill Blankenship and television and film mogul Ava DuVernay have been working to adapt. Naomi for television. In February the pilot was officially ordered, and in recent months the cast of the show has also been rounded, with Soldiers wives actress Kaci Walfall rehearsing for the lead role. Now there is another update on the progress of the program,

As confirmed by DuVernay On Monday, The CW delivered a serial order to Naomi. Details are scant at the moment, as it is not known whether the show will be part of the network’s next fall lineup, nor is it clear how many episodes the freshman run will consist of. But according to the executive producer, who has also shared many new images with Walfall in the title role, Naomi will narrate “an origin story of a new hero”. You can see the photos in DuVernay’s tweet below.

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Giving a serial order to Naomi is a step in the right direction for The CW, which seeks to maintain its position as the landmark for superhero series after the conclusion of iconic shows like Arrow, Supergirl, Y Black Lightning. Many have been attentive to Naomi as they are eager to see DuVernay bring a new perspective to traditional DC fare. Hopefully they won’t have to wait much longer as CW continues their work on Naomi in a quick clip, so it will likely announce a release date for the series soon.

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