DC’s Lazarus Island has earned its name, as a new preview shows that anyone who participates in the tournament on the island becomes immortal.

Warning! Spoilers for Robin # 2 from DC Comics below.

DC Comics’ new Lazarus Island has earned its name, as the host of the deadliest fighting tournament actually renders the contestants immortal. In new previews of Robin # 2, Damian Wayne awakens after having his heart ripped out of his chest and soon discovers that death on Lazarus Island is not really a thing as it is revealed that no one can die there.

Damian Wayne has escaped from the Bat-Family and finds himself on Lazarus Island. The mystical island is home to the Lazarus Tournament, which brings together some of the deadliest fighters in the DC Universe in a fight to the death. Damian arrogantly decided to start fighting before the rules were explained to him and he faced a new hero named Flatline. Damian quickly takes his place, as Flatline rips the heart out of his chest, leaving the hero dead. However, the new previews reveal that Robin cannot die forever in the tournament.

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In previews of Robin # 2 by ALW’s Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Luis Guerrero and Troy Peteri, the problem begins with a lifeless Damian lying on the ground with a hole in his chest. However, the hole closes, bringing Robin back to life. Upon awakening, Damian meets Ravager, who tells him that he is “embarrassed” by his behavior, telling him that he would not have died in the first place if he had listened to her to begin with. She offers to take Robin on a tour of Lazarus Island and tells him that no one can die on the island.

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Robin preview

Robin preview

Robin preview

Robin preview

It is explained that killing opponents in fights allows participants to show all their skills in battle. Robin can’t help but be distracted when the pair meet Flatline again. Robin wants an immediate rematch, but Ravager tells him that he should at least know the rules before fighting again. She says the tournament rules were explained when she bled out after having her heart ripped out.

Robin preview

Robin needs to relax with his fight-first mentality before getting into another deadly fight. First of all, he doesn’t know the Lazarus Tournament rules and if he can really die forever. While fighters on Lazarus Island can revive after death, it is unknown how many times they can or if it is only once. As much as Damian likes to march to the beat of his own drum, it would be best to sit back and listen and find out the tournament rules before he gets killed again. Robin # 2 is in comic shops on Tuesday.

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