The latest Apex Legends patch fixes one of the most frustrating bugs in the game yet and adds some much-needed quality of life features to Arenas.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the latest patch for Apex legends which fixes one of the most frustrating bugs in the game and adds a necessary feature to the new Arenas game mode.

According to a tweet posted by Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account, the patch, which will be released on May 24, is intended to address many concerns raised by players after the release of Season 9 – Legacy. The most recent update restores Wattson’s fences slowing effect, adds a penalty for players leaving an Arenas match early, and a host of other small improvements.

First, there is the restoration of the “slow” effect of Wattson’s electric fences. Prior to Season 9, enemies caught in one of Wattson’s fences would experience a severe speed penalty, but this feature mysteriously disappeared after the last update. This was believed to be a glitch, as the nerf was not mentioned in the official Season 9 patch notes.

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This update also adds a penalty for all players who leave an Arena match early. Many gamers thought that the lack of such a feature was an oversight when the new game mode was released. Beyond that, an exploit that allowed players to acquire gear even though they lacked the necessary materials was also removed.

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Valkyrie, the latest addition to the list of additional legends, has also been modified. Most of his changes focus heavily on accidental activations of his abilities, especially his maximum. Respawn has added a brief entry delay to Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive ability in an effort to prevent players from activating and canceling the ability by mistake.

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The last significant change involves the spread of early game loot. After the Season 9 update, Tier 1 Backpacks were almost exclusively spawned in Loot Containers. The patch has “adjusted the logic so that loot items are spawned on the ground instead of being placed in containers. This should make the backpacks spawn more evenly on the ground,” the patch notes explain.

Apex legends is a free battle royale game, available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. Apex Legends: Mobile it is currently in beta testing.

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