The upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC will follow Future Trunks’ journey from student to post-apocalyptic hero as he relives his most epic fights.

Bandai Namco Action-RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot is ready to release a new DLC, which will allow players to experience a completely new story. The Warrior of hope The DLC will be released over the summer and will tell the story of Future Trunks before it hits the main timeline of the series. Not much is known about the upcoming downloadable content, but a recently released trailer and screenshots reveal some of what players can look forward to, including potential fights and story beats.

From Dragon Ball Z: from Kakarotto DLC reveal trailer, next story will be based on TV special Dragon Ball Z: The Story of Trunks, which takes place in an alternate future. In this story, Trunks is still the son of Bulma and Vegeta, but this version comes from an Earth where Goku dies from a heart virus. With Goku unable to protect the planet, Android 17 and 18 of this timeline arrive and eliminate the rest of the Z-Fighters, except for Gohan, and plunge the world into uncertainty and chaos. With the world’s best fighters gone, it’s up to a grown Gohan to train Trunks to give humanity one last chance to fight back.

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Dragon Ball Z: KakarrotThe gameplay emphasizes the ability to explore the world before entering the series’ signature battles, and players should expect the same with this DLC. They are likely to run and fly through post-apocalyptic versions of cities like West City while collecting items and accepting various missions. When it’s time to get into big battles, players will likely re-enact the story from the TV special and maybe even parts of the main one. Dragon Ball Z story, which played out during the Android and Cell sagas.

What the story of Trunks’ Warrior of Hope DLC will be like

Cell DBZ Kakarot DLC

Following the events of the television special, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot Players will likely start the story training under this alternate future Gohan. This training will lead to another attack by the androids, but Trunks’ inexperience causes Gohan to try to save him, causing the trainer to lose his arm. Trunks and Gohan will have another fight with the Androids, but the latter knocks the former unconscious, knowing that he is not strong enough and would end up dying. Although Gohan fights back, he is eventually outmatched by the duo and killed. When Trunks awakens to find his mentor’s body, his anger and pain unlocks his Super Saiyan form.

Trying to change her future, Bulma builds a time machine and sends Trunks back to the past (the main timeline) where she saves Goku from the heart virus and defeats Cyborg Frieza. This story unfolded in the main Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot game, so it is highly unlikely that players will ever have to do it again. However, Bandai Namco released a screenshot (above) showing Cell in his first form. This reveals the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot The DLC will likely show what happens when Future Trunks returns to his own time after the events of Cell Saga.

There is a timeline where Cell ambushes an unsuspecting Trunks and takes his time machine, leading to Cell appearing on the main screen. DBZ timeline. Players will likely see what happened at the end of Cell Saga, where Future Trunks returns to his timeline and destroys his version of Cell to save his future. With details about the next Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot DLC still under wraps, much more is likely to be expected before the game’s release later this year.

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