The new series is just one of many Sheridan has in the works at Paramount +.


Paramount + has announced that they have begun production on their highly anticipated new series of Taylor sheridan,The Mayor of Kingstown. The stars of the series Jeremy renner, who previously worked with Sheridan on Wind river, which Sheridan wrote and directed.

The Mayor of Kingstownfollow the McLusky family as they try to bring order and justice to Kingstown, Michigan. The cast includes Diane wiest, Emma laird, Derek Webster, Y Taylor handleyThis series is one of several that Paramount + announced it is developing with Sheridan. His hit series Yellowstone has several spinoff series planned, including Yellowstone: 1883 and 6666. Also planned is Land Man, which follows the rise and fall of oil in West Texas.


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The Mayor of Kingstown It seems rooted in the kinds of real-world dark themes that Sheridan excels at. In February, he described the project as “a look at America’s biggest failures encapsulated in one city,” which certainly sounds like the kind of metaphor that would appeal to Hitman Writer. “As this city is dying, it is completely dependent on the prison system,” he added. “It is reflected in the disintegration of the family.”

director Antoine fuqua (Training Day) echoed Sheridan’s enthusiasm for the material, saying “it’s everything as a filmmaker that I’m interested in doing.” Sheridan and Fuqua will serve as executive producers, along with Renner and the series’ co-creator. Hugh dillon, as well as David glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob yari, Y Michael Friedman.

It is not yet known when The Mayor of Kingstown could be released. Check out the official synopsis of The Mayor of Kingstownbelow.

The Mayor of Kingstown follows the McLusky family, power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the incarceration business is the only thriving industry. Tackling issues of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality, the series offers a stark look at his attempt to bring order and justice to a city that has neither.

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