Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has reaffirmed why the series remains important to many people, despite BioWare’s struggles in recent years.

After years of confusion for the series, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has reaffirmed why it is still important. Massive effect is one of the most prominent sci-fi franchises in games with a massive fanbase, but the games haven’t been in a great situation since the release of Mass effect 3 in 2012. However, Legendary Edition change that.

Following the controversy surrounding the original ending to Mass effect 3, the series did not rebound with the disappointing release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. By concentrating BioWare’s resources on the eventual failure of Anthem, Massive effect suffered and was reportedly put on hiatus as a result. The future of the series did not look promising and there was a serious loss of confidence in BioWare, but the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has made it clear that the passion for the series has not gone away.

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The successful launch of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cannot be overstated. It is one of the highest-rated game releases of the year and became one of the largest EA games ever released on Steam, with only Apex legends getting over it. In the time since its announcement last November, BioWare has also revealed that a new Massive effect The title will be released continuing the story in the Milky Way galaxy after the war with the Reapers. It may not sound like much of a popular series getting a successful remastering, but it was a necessary step towards the redemption of Massive effect. The fanbase has not been turned away by the series’ struggles in the past nine years and has made it clear that Massive effect people still care.

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Why Mass Effect Still Matters

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reaffirms the importance of the series

From the second, Commander Shepard drops into Eden Prime, Massive effect absorbs the player into his world and challenges him with difficult decisions in a story full of complex themes and complete characters. Players form real relationships with these characters in Massive effect and invests heavily in the series’ biggest stories, making it an incredibly memorable experience. It’s a series that evokes the emotions of its players, and that’s the root behind not only its success, but why fans’ passion for the series has endured through BioWare’s recent struggles.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition it’s a small win for BioWare, but an important first step for the studio and the franchise. Yes Massive effect going to make a comeback, I needed to remind everyone that it still matters. Mass Effect: Andromeda It wasn’t a bad game and it certainly had its fair share of issues, but it wasn’t strong enough to re-engage fans who were still frustrated by Commander Shepard’s story ending in ME3. Going back to what made the series popular in the first place was an easy decision and it has paid off as Mass Effect Legendary Edition It reminded the world why this series is still important to many people.

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