There is no denying that it was quite a difficult year for movies, as many of the most anticipated releases were moved to future dates in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what last year proved is that when a high-quality movie review podcast exists, it will be relevant through all the hurdles and hurdles presented by the industry.

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The following podcasts feature some of the coolest and most thought-provoking presenters, creating the kind of shows listeners want to take wherever they are. These creators are unmatched in the podcast medium, and their shows become even more special when they review movies on a weekly basis.

10 Filmspotting

Filmspotting is a podcast that is perhaps best known in Chicago, but has grown in importance in recent years. Hosted by Josh Larsen and Adam Kempenaar, it’s the perfect group for people who want to be part of a movie community and keep up to date on new must-see movies looking for something a little more.

Filmspotting He’s not averse to popular movies, but they always pay attention (sometimes through his “Golden Brick” award) to more movies that go unnoticed. Plus, they are always imposing Criterion reassessments on classic movies through their top five lists, Sacred Cow treatments, specific reviews of a year in the movies, and the annual Filmspotting Madness tournament.

9 The Rewatchables

As the name suggests, The Rewatchables He also dabbles in movies that came out in the past. However, as things tend to go in The Ringer, The Rewatchables take a fun look at the classic movies by evaluating them through categories like “Dion Waiters Heat Check Award” and “Apex Mountain,” with their undying confusion.

With presenters like Bill Simmons, Van Lathan, Chris Ryan, Sean Fennessey, and Amanda Dobbins usually in the mix, the panel allows celebrity guests (Quentin Tarantino went through three movies) and Ringer’s staff (Liz Kelly’s version). Strong Country is all the time) that can deviate from the occasional Rewatchables rut. Stay through the Full recovery work hard for great moments like The martian, Toy story, Y Home alone all covered in the same season.

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8 The weekly planet

These Australian podcast hosts, Mr. Sunday Movies and Nick Mason, offer an inherently upbeat and lively listening The weekly planet is the perfect podcast for movie fans who love quality blockbusters.

The weekly planet they’re mostly about comic book movies, but they dabble in all kinds of big-budget matters, including Star Wars Y Army of the dead. However, they never take themselves too seriously and are among the funniest movie critics working today.

7 Ratchet and respectable

The beauty of Ratchet and respectable It’s that it doesn’t just stick to movie reviews. Yet that’s part of it, and writer, critic, and scholar Demetria L. Lucas has reviewed movies like Soul Y Coming 2 America.

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However, it also explores many other facets of culture. This includes music and television reviews, but their show’s identity also extends to today’s hot topics and occasional interviews with some of the most interesting figures in the industry. Ratchet and respectable it is like a way station for culture.

6 The Empire Movie Podcast

Across the pond The Empire Movie Podcast is one of the best movie review shows for newcomers to the medium because it has a little bit of everything, including movie reviews, movie news discussions, and interviews with some of the best talent.

After all, Empire he has access to some of the best and brightest in Hollywood, relying solely on his reputation for loving movies, rather than simply loving reviews. Presenters Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, and James Dyer are fun and smart too, which means there are never moments of embarrassment, which helps a lot during the interview segments.

5 Spoilers!

Whether it’s the string-laden, easy-to-hear melodies that introduce the Spoilers! podcast or the thunderous voice of Spoiler Man ending it, there’s always a feeling that listening to this movie critic podcast is like coming home. Of course, that is also demonstrated by the camaraderie of the hosts, who have a long history of friendship and fun with each other.

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But it’s also emblematic of how charming and engaging an unstructured, free-flowing movie podcast can be. Spoilers! he dabbles in panel discussions, after school groups, and television episode reviews as much as he does in movie reviews. But they are niche finds, like The castle (a classic Australian movie) and The Snowman, which keep fans coming back as much as multi-party ones Lord of the Rings Serie. Spoilers! it is charming and has something for everyone.

4 Black men can’t jump [In Hollywood]

From Forever Dog, Black men can’t jump [in Hollywood] It recently eclipsed the 300 episode mark and has only gotten better over the years. The podcast is a series of movie reviews that dives into older movie archives, along with up-to-date movie reviews and industry / award analysis.

What helps to establish Black men can’t jump Additionally, the pod reviews the movies through a very contextual lens with Hollywood’s history of diversity issues at the forefront. Not to mention, presenters Jerah Milligan, James III, and Jonathan Braylock are so much fun to listen to.

3 The / Filmcast

It should come as no surprise that Slashfilm has one of the best movie review podcasts out there. Presented by David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Jeff Cannata, The / Filmcast adopts the traditional model of movie reviews: weekly coverage with records at the top, a “What are you watching?” segment, and a critical guest.

These three have been friends for a long time (including a time in college in Amherst) and that chemistry is carried so strongly that listeners appreciate it. Nothing is more fun than when the trio find a movie that they love and are passionate about. Nothing, that is, except for Jeff’s musical notes.

two The panorama

Going back to the movie coverage side of The Ringer, The panorama it is easily the best movie podcast on the net and one of the best movie podcasts ever created. Presented by Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins, The panorama It started out as an Oscar career analysis / filmmaker interview podcast and has grown into something dizzyingly rebellious.

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When Sean and Amanda aren’t stressed about the future of the Academy Awards or movie theaters, they’re ranking their favorite movie twists, writing 2015 movies, and building the Nancy Meyers Hall of Fame. It’s every movie nerd’s dream.

1 Blank check with Griffin & David

Entering the premiere position is Blank check with Griffin & David. What started as a podcast to fall apart The Phantom Menace it has become a miniseries in constant development about director’s filmographies. Griffin Newman, David Sims, and producer Ben Hosley are generally fascinated by filmmakers who received a blank check that they cashed or bounced on the big stage.

Some of his best miniseries include Brad Bird, Nora Ephron and Ron Musker and John Clements. Currently, they are covering John Singleton with John Carpenter (and hopefully Gore Verbinski) to come. But while #TheTwoFriends has become a podcasting staple and internet favorite, it’s its ever-expanding cast of guests, turned into honorary, context-savvy, that makes the pod so special. It’s a beautiful combination of goofy bits and insightful analysis (Griffin’s assessment of why Barry Jenkins’ address on Moonlight is still so memorable) and is the top of the movie review podcasts.

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