‘10,000 Ships’ will follow the character of Princess Nymeria.


Amanda segel, executive co-producer of Person of interest and from Hulu Helstrom, will write 10,000 ships, one of the multiple game of Thrones spin-offs currently in development for HBO, according to Term. The series will follow the warrior princess Nymeria, the ancestor of House Martell.

On George RR MartinIn the fictional story, Princess Nymeria led the people of Rhoynar to the Dorne region after a defeat of the Valyrians, mainly known to fans of game of Thrones like the ancestors of Queen Daenerys (Emilia clarke). On game of Thrones, Aria Stark (Maisie williams) names her direwolf Nymeria as a tribute to the warrior princess. As the Rhoynar migration occurs a thousand years before the events of game of Thrones, 10,000 ships It would be another prequel to the hit HBO series.


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10,000 ships is one of three game of Thrones spin-offs recently announced by HBO, along with 9 trips Y Flea background. 9 trips is in the works of Rome creator Bruno heller, and will follow Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as the Sea Serpent, who will be played by Steve Toussaint on Dragon House, still another game of Thrones spin-off already in production. Flea background will take place in the iconic King’s Landing region. There is also talk of the adaptation of the stories of Martin’s Dunk & Egg, set in the same universe. Even an animated spinoff of Game of Thrones is being discussed by HBO.

House of dragons has been shooting since last month and is expected to premiere sometime in 2022. As for everyone else game of Thrones spin-offs, you can expect to read all about them here at Collider as new details emerge.

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Production begins on ‘Major of Kingstown’, Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount + series starring Jeremy Renner

The new series is just one of many Sheridan has in the works at Paramount +.

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