Comics and Japanese myth are poised to meet once again in the next chapter of Marvel’s ingenious Demon Days saga Stormbreaker’s Peach Mokomo.

Peach Momoko’s Japanese-inspired saga is turning the page into its next chapter with Days of the Demon: Mariko # 1, available in June. Chosen to be part of Marvel’s Stormbreakers initiative, which aimed to provide a platform for emerging creators, Momoko has had the opportunity to bring her Japanese roots to modern comics and reimagine classic characters in a whole new light, first with Days of the Demon: X-Men # 1, and now with Mariko.

This next installment will be the second part of a saga of five parts that are separated in increments of three months. Although each theme doesn’t necessarily connect directly to its predecessor, they all take place in Japan and are imagined in the same world: one filled with Oni and yōkai, samurai and shamans, and a seamless integration of classic Japanese folklore. On Days of the Demon: X-Men, Readers were able to see Wolverine as a real animal, Psylocke as a sword for hire, Venom as an Orochi, and even Jubilee as a sorcerer, all in the context of feudal Japan. Now is the time to see another character strongly linked to Wolverine, as well as the underbelly of Japanese crime, take center stage.

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In the comics, mainstream Mariko Yashida was both the daughter of the Japanese crime lord and one of Wolverine’s love interests. Although she is known to have died in the main timeline, whether she is alive or dead varies depending on the story and the universe. With Days of the devil, you are going to have a new adventure inspired by your own heritage. Considering her nationality and her backstory in the Marvel comics, it’s incredibly fitting for her to have a place in this anthology of miniseries. And it looks like its addition will be just as visually stunning as its predecessor. Not only that, but Marvel promises that it will to “A tale of magic, monsters and Marvel characters like you’ve never seen before.” Check out the cover and preview pages below!

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Demon Days: Mariko # 1 Cover





There seems to be a great deal of mystery surrounding this next installment and the preview raises a lot of questions regarding what’s to come. What is Mariko’s relationship with the Oni, the mountain ogre spirits introduced in Days of the Demon: X-Men # 1? Who is the woman you see in your dreams? Is she really his mother, and if so, is she part of Oni? How is your maid, who is this world’s version of Black Widow, involved in all of this? And will Mariko find a way to bond with Logan in this universe as well?

All of this has yet to be revealed, and eager readers will have to wait until June 16 until they can get their hands on the book to find the answers to these questions. However, one thing is for sure, the art that Peach Momoko brings to the pages of these issues is incredible in both concept and content. The world it builds and the way it brings new life and adventure to popular characters is unique, creative, and a great all-around nod to Japanese art and culture. It will be exciting to see what twists and turns await young Mariko and her fellow Marvel characters, as well as how this alternate story will unfold in Days of the Demon: Mariko # 1.

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