Iron Man’s resistance to Loki’s scepter in The Avengers suggests that he should have been able to survive his snap in Avengers: Endgame.

One of the many stories Avengers Endgame It had to end was Iron Man. With Robert Downey Jr. exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film had to find a satisfactory way to remove the founding member of the Avengers from the series. He did this by having Tony Stark sacrifice his life to end Thanos’s threat once and for all, but it turns out it shouldn’t have ended that way.

While it worked on an emotional level, Stark showed how much he had grown as a character since his first appearance in 2008. Iron Man, the mechanics of his sacrifice using the Infinity Stones were always going to receive scrutiny. It’s hard to accept that a character like Stark doesn’t have a way out of any situation, and that’s especially true given the way he interacted with the gems prior to the events of Endgame.

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Iron Man’s resistance to the Infinity Stones

In 2012 The Avengers, Loki tries to control Tony with the Mind Stone. Hoping to brainwash Iron Man and make him fight the Avengers the way he did Hawkeye, Loki hits the arc reactor on his chest twice. However, it has no effect, and Loki has to resort to throwing Tony out the window in an attempt to eliminate him. While being able to support one gem is not the same as being able to handle them all, it points to a deeper potential.

Stark’s resistance to the Mind Stone was likely due to the new element he created to power his arc reactor in Iron Man 2. Needing the new item to save his life, Tony uses Project Pegasus resources for help, which, as revealed in the Avengers Y Captain Marvel, is it so powered by the Tesseract. Beyond how Tony was able to resist Loki’s scepter, using the Tesseract as his power source would also explain how he was able to survive his first encounter with Thanos on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Iron Man’s infinite armor against Thanos

Tony in the Iron Man suit on Titan

Stark’s arc reactor is powered by the Tesseract from Iron Man 2 means that his armor should have been imbued with the power of an Infinity Stone for each subsequent iteration. And if that was the case, he should have been able to survive using the Infinity Gauntlet, just like the Hulk did. The Hulk was able to survive due to his exposure to high amounts of gamma radiation, and if Tony lived with the power of the Tesseract housed in his chest, the same logic should apply.

Iron Man’s connection to the Infinity Stones could have worked similarly to Captain Marvel’s. The Infinity Stone-powered Avenger was able to go toe-to-toe with Thanos in battle, even ignoring a headbutt from the Mad Titan. It even stopped him from making another snap and was almost successful in removing the Gauntlet from her before he used a Power Stone enhanced punch to knock her down. It is possible that, by breaking the circuit of the gems, he could negate the boost of power that she gains from being in their presence.

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If Iron Man was similarly empowered by the Infinity Stones, using the Infinity Gauntlet shouldn’t have killed him. Instead, he should have been able to complete the circuit and become one with the combined power of the stones. He should have been immune, or at least resistant, to the worst side effects of wearing the glove, just as he was able to resist Loki’s attempt to control him from the start. the Avengers.

However, while the MCU teased that Iron Man was driven by gems, his story would always end with a sacrificial play. Unlike Captain America, Iron Man’s story couldn’t end with an idyllic retreat with the love of his life. Regardless, it might bring comfort to some fans still mourning the original MCU hero that there was a way he could have survived.

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