In most shonen and seinen manga and anime, martial arts are woven into the story and are the basis of the protagonist’s strength. What makes these fights so incredible is the quality of the animation and the choreography that goes with it. Some anime production companies even hire specialists and martial artists to study their movements and make sure that a character’s movements are realistic.

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Since some of the most popular franchises are influenced by martial arts, it is no wonder that there are some characters in these series that have special traits or abilities. There are just a handful of characters here that can use impressive leg strength for martial arts forms and leg-based kicks.

10 Koga, the leader of the Yokai-Wolf clan (InuYasha)

As the young leader of a yokai wolf clan, Koga is incredibly strong. Not only does he have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, stamina, and olfactory senses, but he has accelerated healing, heightened claws, and instincts. With these his melee combat skills are impressive and can be seen in any number of fights he takes part in.

Not only does he have these superhuman powers, but his legs and right arm are reinforced by jewel shards, making his attacks even more powerful. However, he loses these fragments, leaving him very weak.

9 Ameri Azazel, a feared and beloved student body president (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun)

Although she may be dressed in questionable attire, Ameri Azazel is feared and loved in Babyls, a school for demons, for her strength, both in power and character, and her ambition. As president of the student body, she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and wields it with an iron fist.

She uses her brute strength in impressive displays of power and dominance, but also to aid and protect her fellow students (like kicking a wolf to save someone from being eaten and kicking monsters that can go through walls).

8 Might Guy, master of taijutsu (Naruto)

Could naruto boy

In Naruto, Might Guy is a jonin-level shinobi and a master of taijutsu, a form of martial arts that relies on one’s own body rather than the use of weapons. Guy uses his Strong Fist fighting style to adapt during battle and handle almost any situation. Lacking in talent in ninjutsu and taijutsu, Guy concentrated on improving his body until he reached peak performance so that he could not only be strong but also fast. Because of this, he can perform incredible feats that almost seem inhuman.

7 Lenalee Lee, powerful user of the exorcist and innocence gear (D.Gray-man)

Lenalee Lee D Gray Man

Don’t be fooled by her sweet looks, Lenalee Lee from The gray man He is a powerful exorcist for the Black Order (a religious order working to defeat the Millennium Earl and his army from Akuma). Lenalee’s abilities are found in her legs and boots. Her dark boots are a team-type Innocence, which, when activated, enhances her acrobatic prowess and leg strength, meaning she can deliver impressive and powerful kicks. One of those kicks is known as Waltz: Mist Wind. Lenalee launches a destructive tornado that can be used for offensive or defensive purposes.

6 Rock Lee, taijutsu expert who perseveres through adversity (Naruto)

Rock Lee barely standing vs gaara chunin exam

With Might Guy as his sensei, it’s no wonder Rock Lee became an incredibly strong taijutsu user and shinobi. Like his sensei, Lee cannot use genjutsu or ninjutsu. However, with Guy’s help and his sheer will and determination, he is able to overcome his flaws and become a recognized and praised shinobi by his comrades.

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His skill in using taijutsu is unmatched and, when combined with the Eight Open Gates, his strength only increases to the point where he can even destroy half a giant meteorite.

5 Swan, arrogant villain with incredible strength (Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry)

Swan from Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry

He may be wearing questionable armor with bunny ears, but Swan is an absolute beast when it comes to fighting. Not only does it have increased agility and strength, but it also has Spinning Magic, allowing it to spin blazingly fast to create whirlpools that you can use to your advantage. Her leg strength and kicks are enhanced by Stellanium greaves that can cause shock waves when she hits the ground, making her a fierce opponent.

4 Blue Gilly, Confident Gladiator of the Longleg tribe (One Piece)

Blue Gilly defeats Richie

As a gladiator and martial artist, Blue Gilly is a force to be reckoned with. As he came from the Longleg Tribe, he focused his training on his long legs to fight in the martial arts style of Jao Kun Do, a martial arts style based solely on leg attacks. Due to this training, his speed and strength are almost inhuman. When it hits, it is almost as fast as a whip. Blue Gilly can also use her legs as a form of defense by blocking attacks.

3 Morgiana, former slave who was born to fight (Magi: The Labrinth Of Magic)

Morgiana is a full-blooded Fanalis, which means that she is very strong when it comes to fighting. With the power in his legs, he can take down many opponents with his kicks. It is even capable of carrying several people at the same time.

His strength only increased when he went through martial arts training with Masrur. Not only that, but his natural propensity for speed also increased after his workout. Combined with the Household Vessel, Morgiana is a fierce and powerful opponent.

two Sanji, the chef and the disowned king (One Piece)

Known as Black Leg Sanji, Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates with the third highest bounty after Luffy and Jinbe. As a chef, it is surprising that he is one of the four best fighters in the crew. But as a former member of a royal family, he has received extensive combat training and has almost superhuman strength, speed and agility.

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However, what he excels at is a kick-based form of martial arts, which makes him quite versatile in fights and an incredibly stronger kicker.

1 Jin Mori, a real God with legendary abilities (The God of High School)

Manhwa God Of High School Jin Mori Painless Technique

As the main protagonist of The God From High schoolMori Jin is a powerful opponent, but that is not surprising since his true identity is the god Sun Wukong (The Monkey King).

Trained by his grandfather, Mori uses a type of martial arts called Renewal Taekwondo that finds its roots in traditional ITF Taekwondo. All of his attacks are based on speed, strength, and precision. He only uses his legs when his opponent is worthy of them. When that happens, Mori’s strength increases, as does her chances of winning.

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