Overpowered characters and shonen anime tend to go together, as well as peanut butter and jelly. These series are typically power fantasies that revolve around at least two powerful characters shaking hands. It’s what led to a terrible power surge on many of the longer-duration sets.

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However it is not always so. There are some incredible shonen anime that not only lack a dominated protagonist, but also a villain. Sometimes it is due to a different approach such as comedy or that its limitations allow the characters to be on an equal footing. Either way, none of these anime has a character that stands out without weakness like Saitama in One punch man or Superman does.

10 Hanko-Kun, tied to the toilet, focuses more on comedy than action

If you are looking for an anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Hanako-Kun bound in the toilet worth seeing. It is a show full of comedy, which is sure to make the viewer laugh at least a few times in every episode. As such, his combat is a fringe part of the show, so there are no really overpowered characters. A sufficient number of the strongest characters have many counterparts, ensuring that there is not a single character ruling the roost.

9 Noragami is full of gods who are equally powerful

Most people associate shonen with a lot of combat and a lot of masculinity, but that’s not what Noragami it comes at all. There are fights as Yato tries to make a name for himself, however the anime is more about interpersonal connections and dealing with the past. This is why all the gods on the show are almost on an equal footing, with no one being above and beyond the others. It’s an entertaining watch when the focus is on the journey of the three main characters.

8 Konosuba is a parody of the popular Isekai genre

KonoSuba God's blessing on this wonderful world!  anime

Skits can be outstanding when done right. Gintama stands out, and is a series that Konosuba matches the tone. They both poke fun at the plethora of genre cliches they’re parodying, making sure the audience is aware of the joke.

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With the excess of main characters dominated in isekai, Kazuma is the complete opposite. He’s just a standard human fighting like one. The same could be said of his group of followers, especially the always useless Aqua. Even Megumin, who has immensely powerful magic, tends to be at a disadvantage due to what a crystal cannon she is.

7 Haikyu !! Involves a team sport that is too difficult for one character to master

Haikyuu !!: To the top 2nd season (8.59)

There are prodigies and immensely talented players in Haikyu !! and none of them dominate the game in a way that dominates them. There is no divine character to appear and dominate the entire game, making equipment irrelevant. It is part of the charm of the series, giving Hinata obstacles to overcome without going as crazy as hunter X hunter did with a dodgeball game. The action, although very fast, is still based on a level of reality.

6 Grimgar Of Fantasy & Ash follows a group of low-level adventurers

There is not a single trace of a dominated character in Grimgar of fantasy and ash because the series follows a group of low-level adventurers. The entire series unfolds as a level one campaign in Dungeons and Dragons he would, keeping everyone in the same sphere of talent. None of the individual members of the group is stronger than the rest, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The same is true of the goblins they often come up against. Everything is at the lower end of the scale.

5 The musicians of Your Lie In April have the same talent

Your Lie in April Kousei Arima Kaori Miyazono

Your lie in april It is not your typical shonen series and anyone who saw it would probably be surprised if it appears as such. There are no big battles, no superpowers. It is a story focused on music and how the notes can come directly from someone’s soul, showing it to everyone who listens to it.

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While Kosei is a talented pianist, so are his three main rivals, putting him on an equal footing with everyone who can play a musical instrument. His talents make the last four episodes a joy to watch until the anime hits you in the emotional stomach.

4 Slam Dunk actively punishes anyone they think is better than their team

Slam Dunk Anime

In regards to classic shonen anime, Slam dunk it has to be near the top of the list. It is one of the pinnacles of sports anime, as influential in its genre as something like Dragon Ball Z it is. He does a great job of failing even his best players. The prodigy of the series is Rukawa, and his entire arc is that he needs to learn to be selfless and not play hero. Basketball is a team game and not one that can be controlled by one player for the entirety of the game.

3 Hajime No Ippo builds fights by delving into the complexities of the sport

Hajime no Ippo, the fight

For a series on boxing, Hajime no Ippo he does an amazing job of focusing on character development, giving weight to every fight in the series. Ippo often runs into his opponents before their fights, giving the anime a chance to delve into its backstories and make the viewer worry about what will happen. As for the challenges, they do a good job of delving into the complexities of the sport, making the challenges have more to do with a clash of styles than someone being dominated.

two The promised neverland has a balanced power level scale between humans and demons

Promised Neverland Norman

For an anime about demons and humans, he did a good job of balancing the two in a power system where no one was too strong. Sure, the demons looked hideous, but they signed the treaty for the same reason the humans did, to end the war. It was a compelling series, giving the children a chance to survive once they escaped from the orphanage. It’s a shame that both the anime and manga rushed to a conclusion, and they rarely gave the characters time to breathe.

1 Air Gear is saved by the anime ending earlier and does not adapt all the chapters of the manga

Air equipment It was a series focused on skating and the powers that come with riding on different roads. It’s a concept that was out there, but he fulfilled it in his first two arcs. He brought in powerful characters, but none were over the top, and there was still logic to the abilities the skates gave. All that changed the longer the manga lasted, ceasing to make scientific or logical sense. Fortunately, the anime ended long before that, creating a decent, albeit unfinished, adaptation.

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