First introduced in Pokémon X&Y, Fairy Typing has been in every game since then and met with mixed reactions. The Dark and Steel types were much more accepted when they were introduced in the second generation and did not retroactively change any previous Pokémon types. These additions make changes to the gameplay of the moves, but also add new weaknesses and resistances. Now in the eighth generation, fairy writing has been very well integrated into the game and many pure Fairy-type Pokémon have been added since then.

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Certainly there are some better than others, but it has brought about a shift in goal and more thinking when creating a team. There are strengths and weaknesses in every script, and with Fairy, there have been many reasons why the Pokémon games are the strongest they have ever been, as well as many reasons why they were ruined with this new addition.

10 Improved: Fairy Typing finally countered the Dragon Meta

Gigantimax Haxorus Pokemon Sword And Shield

Until Generation VI, dragons were very strong in the overall meta of the game with a very high base stat total. The pseudo-legendaries had little to rival them, other than a strong Ice-type move to finish them off. Pokémon like Haxorus and Garchomp could 6-0 on teams with their high attack and the Ice Beam or Hidden Power Ice move was carried out on many teams just to counter these threats in every way possible. However, even with a super effective move, nothing was certain to switch to a Dragon-type attack like Draco Meteor or Outrage.

That was until Fairy was added to the game, changing the meta by giving players a safe change that was immune to Dragon. Dragons are still considered very strong, but fairies are right next to them in terms of power.

9 Ruined – Added a weakness to dark and fighting types

Pokemon Anime

While the game may have been balanced for Dragons, the same cannot be said for the Dark and Fighting types. Like the water types, these two types had only two weaknesses with a moderate amount of resistances.

They weren’t always the strongest in the meta as Psychic and Flying are strong in the meta with quick attacks and speed, but the fact that Fairy is a counter for Dragon meant she was on almost every team. Their place didn’t matter in the meta because as soon as Fairy was seen as mandatory, these two typescripts suffered more than anyone else.

8 Improved: Steel and Poison were considered very strong

Muk hugging Ash Pokemon Anime

Due to their rise in the meta, many Pokémon rose up to eliminate the fairy types on everyone’s team. This gave counters an advantage as Steel and Poison-type Pokémon. Poison used to be a mildly offensive type, as it is only super effective against weed while still resisting many common types.

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The steel was in a similar state, seen primarily as a defensive type and was only super effective against rocks and ice. Typing changed a lot more than people realize and making underused typing more viable is a noticeable improvement to the state of the game.

7 Ruined – Secondary types made some Pokémon weaker

Mr. Mime Pokemon Anime

Normal-type Pokémon are very medium in the meta and because they only have one weakness, it’s hard to go wrong with having one on a team. Generation VI, however, turned many normal types into dual Normal / Fairy. While this removes her fighting weakness, it adds the same weaknesses as Fairy.

Poison and steel are still super effective against these monsters, and normal moves still hold up against steel types, making it very difficult to counter. Solve one problem, only to add two more.

6 Improved: Dual types were done well for some Pokémon

Diantha Guard Pokemon Anime

Of the Pokémon that were retroactively given the fairy type, there were many that were upgraded due to the addition type. Psychic types in particular had weaknesses covered as Psychic / Fairy covered their Poison weakness with access to a super effective STAB psychic move.

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Psychic’s Dark-type weakness was also covered as Fairy is super effective against her. Mr. Mime, who was previously a Psychic / Normal, benefited from this change as he became a Psychic / Fairy. The same was done with Gardevoir who was pure psychic and they even received a Mega as well.

5 Ruined – Made Sableye and Spirtomb have a weakness

Carrie's Pokemon Sableye anime

The Ghost / Dark type is rare in Pokémon games, with only two Pokémon possessing the unique combination. Before Generation VI, these two Pokémon had no weakness, although they weren’t very strong because of it. Sableye has the Joker ability and could be used as a support Pokémon, capable of taking hits if reversed with the right EVs, but it wasn’t a Pokémon that could shine on its own.

Spiritomb was in a similar situation, able to stop with Pain Split and Toxic, but for the most part, he was seen as average. With Fairy-typing, these average Pokémon became almost obsolete with their tactics. They can be good in the right circumstances, but because fairies are so common, it’s hard to get them to work.

4 Improved: Pixelate finally made normal type moves matter

A wide variety of Pokémon are capable of learning very powerful Normal-type moves, but since they’re not STAB, they don’t see much play. However, with the Pixelate ability, these moves are treated like fairy moves, giving them much needed use in the game. Mega-Gardevoir and Sylveon were the first two to receive this ability, followed by Mega-Altaria.

Seeing moves like Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, or Giga-Impact make more appearances brings many underused moves to the head of players with this ability specifically for Fairy-types.

3 Ruined: Ice was out of goal for a long time

Sara Ninetales Pokemon Anime

Ice is a weak and rare writing, used mainly as secondary writing when viewed. Offensively there are strong ice moves, but defensively, ice is brittle with several common weaknesses. Fire-types arose due to their resistance to fairies, as well as their offensive abilities to take down Steel-types, making Ice very susceptible to receiving a flamethrower.

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The game’s answer for Dragons before Gen VI was to throw another Dragon at him or use Ice-type moves. Because Fairy quickly took over, Ice sees little game other than Pokémon like Alolan Ninetails. Being weak to Fire, Steel, Rock, and Fighting, Ice-types simply wouldn’t survive long in a battle, while Fairy is easier to choose to have at the party.

two Improved: Misty Terrain saves combatants from status effects

Misty Terrain Battle X&Y with Scizor, Mega Khangaskan, Gardevoir and Meowstic

Status effects are the bane of many trainers’ existence and many things are left to chance with them. Paralysis slows a Pokémon, and sometimes it can’t even make a move. Burning reduces the Attack stat and gives a damage over time effect to any mon affected by it. The dream has 2-3 turns of guaranteed immobilization, and the poison also gives a DoT. Toxic makes this DoT even stronger each turn, and Frozen is left to chance as to whether or not the Pokémon will break free.

It’s frustrating dealing with all of these things when struggling, but there are moves to eliminate them, like aromatherapy. However, none of this matters at all when using Misty Terrain, as it prevents any status ailments from being inflicted on any Pokémon on the ground. A saving grace for those who hate the RNG of paralysis and being frozen.

1 Ruined – Too many fairies means some will shine brighter than the rest

Sawyer's Slurpuff from the anime

Even fully loving Fairy-type Pokémon have their downsides, as a full team of Fairies won’t cover their weaknesses well enough. The strongest ones, like those of Tapu, Mega-Gardevoir, Mimikyu or Mega-Mawile, are good options in a team, but having many options is not always good. Many types of fairies are just above average in terms of move groups, base stat totals, and versatility. Shiinotic the Grass / Fairy type was added in Gen VII and only has a total of 405 base stats; the same as many Phase 1 Pokémon such as Combusken, Haunter, and Prinplup.

Even Pokémon like Hatterene, which has a total of 510, are limited by a small group of moves from mostly psychic and fairy moves. It’s unfortunate, but not all Pokémon will be viable to use. Of course, no one can stop players from using their favorites anyway.

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