Grass is the third most common type in the Pokemon franchise. Like a third of the Starters in each generation, Grass ranks highly in all regions of the Pokémon world. Players also encounter certain Grass-type Pokémon at the beginning of each journey in the early routes of the games. In the end, most players will probably have at least one Grass type on their team.

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Due to its prevalence in the Pokémon world, several coaches in the games are weed specialists. They are usually gym leaders; To this day, no member of the Elite Four specializes in this type. And while Grass has many weaknesses, defeating some of these specialists is more challenging than it sounds.

6 Milo

Milo and Dynamax Eldgoss during the first gym battle

Sweet and modest, Milo is not Galar’s best coach. In fact, it’s common knowledge that you generally have trouble giving your all with weaker coaches. Milo loves Pokémon battles, so his main goal is to have fun. Hence, he is Galar’s first gym leader because he poses no real challenge. He lives in Turffield and gives the Grass Badge to players who manage to defeat him.

His team includes only two Pokémon from the same family. They are both pure Grass-type, which means they have five weaknesses. Players who do not have Scorbunny on their team can continue to use the Flying-type Rookidee or the Rock / Fire-type Carkol.

5 Cilan

Cilan looking in the anime Pokémon

Like Milo, Cilan is the first gym leader in the Unova games. He runs the Striaton Gym with his two brothers, Chili and Cress, and presents the Trio Badge to the players who manage to defeat them. However, players only fight it if they have Oshawott as the starter, making Cilan’s Pansage super effective against the player’s strongest Pokémon. Cilan also has a Lillipup that is more of a nuisance than a real threat.

At that point in Unova games, players will likely only have their initial and a Lillipup, Patrat, or Purlloin, caught on Routes 1 or 2. Neither of these Pokémon has type advantages against Cilan’s two monsters, which make the battle a little more challenging. .

4 Bouquets

Ramos smiles warmly

Kalos games are famous for how easy they are. Every gym leader is basically a walk in the park, and Ramos is no exception. He is the fourth Gym Leader in the Kalos League and gives the Plant Badge to players who defeat him. Ramos only has three Pokémon, two of which don’t even have full move sets. His Jumpluff knows stunts and is very fast, which could be troublesome.

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Their strongest mon, Gogoat, is a pure Grass-type with Bulldoze to counter Fire-types, which may seem like a good strategy. However, most players would have Talonflame on their teams, and his Flying type makes him immune to ground moves, making this Gym battle even easier.

3 Gardenia

Excited Gardenia hugs James' Cacnea

Gardenia is Sinnoh’s second Gym Leader, who gives the Badge of the Forest to players who defeat her. He lives in the Eternal City and has a team of three Pokémon, each stronger than they appear. She will use Turtwig to configure Reflect. For whatever reason, Turtwig also knows Sunny Day, which is strange considering that none of his Pokémon know Solar Beam or Weather Ball.

Cherrim is there just to stop and serves as the opening act for Gardernia’s signature Pokémon, Roserade. Meet Magical Leaf, a movement that always comes first. His Poison Sting and Stun Spores can also be problematic, especially if the former poisons the player’s Pokémon.

two Mallow

Mallow and a Stoutland eating big mushrooms

Unlike his anime counterpart, Mallow does not play a prominent role in Generation VII games. She only appears briefly as the test captain of the lush jungle of Akala Island. His main team consists of only three Pokémon. They are pre-evolved in the original. Sun and moon, but not in Ultra sun and ultra moon.

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Your team in US&UM it’s pretty decent. It could be better, but Shiinotic knocks them down. It is not a very good Pokémon, thanks to its mediocre stats. That leaves Trevenant and Tsareena as their only worthy Pokémon. What makes these two fall is that they only know three moves, none of which are super effective or even useful against Fire types.

1 Erika

Erika sleeping while two gilrs talk next to her

The Genwunners will say that Erika is the best Grass-type specialist, and they may be right; her team is stronger and more complete, though only because players fight her in the middle stages of the game rather than at the beginning. Canonically, she is the fourth gym leader, found in Kanto’s largest city, Celadon. She gives the Rainbow Badge to the players who defeat her.

Erika’s team is the same throughout her many appearances at the games. Your Tangela is completely useless and most of all it is there to stop. Victreebel’s Poison moves can complicate things by poisoning the player’s Pokémon. His ace is always Vileplume, who almost always has three Grass moves and one Poison-type move.

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