RuPaul’s Drag Race competitors have the opportunity to showcase many talents, including the art of makeup. The show’s stunning makeup looks are unforgettable.

What RuPaul’s Drag Race has evolved over its 13 seasons, competing drag queens’ makeup looks have gotten bolder and more interesting, and we’re going to share information on today’s wildest makeup looks. In the early seasons, the priority of each contending queen was to look like a “real woman.” As resistance developed, artistic expression rose. RuPaul’s runway became a platform for innovative looks that were incredibly creative and unforgettable.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown’s peach look

Nina Bo’Nina Brown is known for her transformative appearance. Though she endured most of the season 9 competition as an underdog, Nina’s makeup talent made her one of the show’s most memorable drag queens. Nina transformed her face into a peach during the season 9 premiere episode, which featured Lady Gaga as the judge. The challenge of the catwalk was that the queens should represent their places of origin. As the queen of Atlanta, Nina used her makeup skills to transform into a Georgia peach. This look stunned the judges (including Lady Gaga) and Nina was named the winner of the runway challenge.

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Track RuPocalypse by Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles is commonly credited with a bolder, more ready-to-wear drag style. Endurance race. While there were queens in previous seasons who had pushed the boundaries, including Raja and Manila Luzon, Sharon Needles (who no longer has a relationship with Alaska) deserves their praise. Much to Michelle Visage’s chagrin, Sharon never felt the need to glam up the runway. During the RuPocalypse catwalk, Sharon was the only contestant who looked like she survived the end of days. With blood gushing from her mouth and chalk-white eyes, Sharon Needles sets herself apart with her makeup look on this runway. While this runway set up Sharon to tease her as the queen of “Party City,” it also put her on the path to winning the America’s Next Drag Superstar title.

Catwalk “Death Becomes Her” by Kennedy Davenport

Sometimes the wildest looks Endurance raceThe runways are not the most appreciated. Although Kennedy Davenport killed off in season 7 as an exhilarating comedian and dancer, her disorienting track was one of the most memorable aspects of her. Endurance race spare. The “Death Becomes Her” challenge allowed contestants to imagine how their drag characters would die. Where Violet Chachki (who is known for her somber reactions) went for glamor and Katya launched a campy shark attack, Kennedy made her own lane. Kennedy described his death-defying gaze as a result of the trade not liking the session and setting it on fire, which crystallized. While makeup may not make sense to Endurance race viewers, it’s absolutely one of the wildest looks on the show.

Shea Couleé 3-in-1 Runway

After losing Season 9 to a dramatic finale, Shea Couleé regained the crown during All stars 5. Although Shea is known for her fierce runway stride and outfits, she is not highly praised for her makeup skills. On All the stars, Shea showcased her wide variety of experience with her wildly colorful mug during the 3-in-1 runway. Although Ross Matthews criticized the look as “crafty, Shea used this episode’s runway as an opportunity to showcase her creative makeup talents that qualified her to win. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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