“The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill” and “The Crate” are two of the best chapters in the film: one includes an appreciated dose of dark comedy and the other brings some wonderful blood, but in reality each story has its own story. special touch that benefits the whole experience. George A. Romero, who met Stephen King when he was discussed adapting Salem Lot, spectacularly executes the vision of A scare show like a comic comes to life, perfectly framed and edited reflecting the experience of flipping through panels and pages while under the covers with a flashlight.

No discussion of A scare show I’d be complete without also mentioning the brilliant work of makeup artist / actor Tom Savini, who worked side by side with George A. Romero throughout his entire career, and did some of his best effects work. from the 1982 anthology article. From terrifying moss, to a hideous simian creature, to monstrous zombies (both out-of-the-grave and sea-type), its dazzling and magical special effects work.

It is clearly a very different type of Stephen King movie than the ones I have previously studied with this column, and one in which the author personally had a much more important hand in making, but all things considered. A scare show it is nevertheless a highlight in the filmography.


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