Rumors about Captain America’s return have been greatly exaggerated, but the Eternals were finally able to clear things up regarding his absence.

The Eternal hinted trailer Captain America death and should put an end to rumors that he will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. The Steve Rogers story came to an end in Avengers Endgame, with Cap returning to the past to live out his days with Peggy Carter after the defeat of Thanos by the Avengers. However, a report appeared earlier this year suggesting that Chris Evans would reprise his role as Cap in other MCU films despite fulfilling his contract with the release of Endgame. Eternal It seems to shut down those rumors quite permanently.

On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson mentioned that Captain America was gone (and was, but not dead). The rest of the world, however, believed that the First Avenger lived on the moon. Both scenarios point to the possibility of Cap’s return. After all, he’s living in the past and undead as Iron Man, so it’s not like he can’t time travel to the present if absolutely necessary. The conclusion of Steve’s story in Avengers Endgame It seemed permanent, but the MCU (and the superhero genre in general) could always find a way to bring it back since being “gone” is still pretty vague.

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On the other hand, the Eternals arguing that Cap was gone had a more conclusive tone and they, more than anyone else, would know the truth for sure. Cosmic alien beings have been around for a long time. Considering that they have been monitoring and guiding humanity for centuries, it means that they are aware of what happened with Captain America. They wouldn’t mention that he was gone and would joke that Ikaris would become the leader of the Avengers instead and Iron Man’s if Cap’s absence was only going to be temporary.

Captain America without his mask.

The Eternals also have no vested interest in Steve’s fate and their discussion of the future of the Avengers without him seems pretty definitive as they are more aware of the bigger picture. They are probably laughing at conspiracy theories about Steve being on the moon too. The mention of Captain America’s Eternals is a relief after rumors suggested he might return. Avengers Endgame He wrapped up his story and gave it a happy ending. His return to the MCU would not have gone very well. His reappearance would also undermine Sam’s journey to become Captain America.

Kevin Feige shut down rumors about Evans’ return and Eternal goes one step further to reiterate that Cap is already gone. With the Eternals, the MCU is moving forward with a new type of team rather than picking up on the old ones. Rather than looking to the past, the immortal group represents the future and what will come with Phase Four beyond the original Avengers. Knowing the Eternal ‘ wealth of knowledge and information about the timeline of events, his mention of Captain America He offers the finality that is much needed after his departure, hoping to end speculation about his return for good.

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