Many of the most memorable anime characters are defined through the immense power at their fingertips. By overwhelming their opponents with sheer force, they dominate the battlefields and solidify their credibility in their respective stories.

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However, some characters have such considerable power that they sometimes cannot control it themselves. The results of their negligence vary, although they often put themselves and their allies at great risk. By identifying the cases in anime where this phenomenon has been proven to be true, we can better appreciate how great power should be used with great responsibility.

10 Chopper’s Monster Point posed a threat to his own comrades (One Piece)

Although Chopper was the Straw Hat crew medic, he was as capable of inflicting damage as he was of repairing it. This was demonstrated during his battle against Kumadori in Enies Lobby, where he became a powerful monster that put both Franky and Nami at risk. It even directly hit the first one and would have seriously injured him if it weren’t for its metallic body.

Fortunately, Tony has gained a firmer hold on his monstrous ability since then. However, it has the potential to endanger allies and adversaries alike.

9 Juice turned into a completely different person in his enhanced state (Naruto)


In his human form, Jugo was a peaceful and phlegmatic man who loyally followed Sasuke on his adventures around the world. However, in his enhanced state, he became a bloodthirsty monster whose only wish was to inflict harm on others.

He had little control over himself in this state and was not even remotely like the man he used to be. Although his power makes him a formidable opponent on the battlefield, it prevents him from collaborating with his companions and puts them in moderate danger when he makes the most of his strength.

8 Sloth was too fast for his own good (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Despite his burly appearance, Sloth was arguably the fastest member of the homunculus, rivaling even Fuhrer King Bradley himself. He was able to reach speeds such that Alexander Armstrong knew he would be doomed if caught directly in the monster’s path.

However, there was a catch: he couldn’t think as fast as he could propel himself through the air. This made him a clumsy (albeit deadly) adversary who tested the state alchemists to the limit and forced them to wage an extremely aggressive battle so that he could not begin his charges.

7 Eri’s investment of time put everyone around her at risk (My Hero Academia)

Anime My Hero Academia Eri Sad Experiment

Eri had arguably the most powerful quirk in the My hero academia universe: the ability to reverse time. In theory, this allowed him to undo any injuries or undesirable events, such as the injuries Midoriya suffered from using One For All in full power or restore Mirio’s quirk to its former glory.

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However, he displayed an abysmal aptitude for controlling his power and put Deku in grave risk after Overhaul was defeated. If it weren’t for Aizawa’s intervention, the young hero might have disappeared.

6 Zenitsu didn’t even realize when he was using his power (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu was an incredibly powerful demon slayer who possessed the ability to move at lightning speed. This was an ability he used to decimate dozens of demons, save the life of an innocent villager, and even defeat one of Rui’s “brothers” during the assault on their hideout.

However, there is a catch. Not only is the blond hero limited to a single technique, but he can also properly harness his powers when unconscious. Often, he stands on the corpse of a demon without the slightest idea that he killed them.

5 Ryuko lost control of Senketsu and transformed into a monster (Kill La Kill)

Although Ryuko is a talented warrior in her own right, she has displayed a lack of discipline that puts herself and others in danger. After learning that Nui Harime was responsible for killing his father (and not Satsuki Kiryuin, as he had assumed), he went into such a fit of rage that Senketsu began to drain his blood excessively.

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This eventually caused him to mutate along with his user, transforming into a monstrosity that no one in Honnoji could deal with. Fortunately, Mako was close to bringing her friend from the brink of oblivion.

4 Escanor has no control over the nature of his curse (Seven Deadly Sins)

Although Escanor is the most powerful member of the Sins, his strength is technically a curse. You have no control over how much force you exert and instead is proportionally as strong as the time of day allows (peaks at noon and gradually weakens since then).

Considering he has no way to deactivate his impressive abilities, the searing heat emanating from his body has posed a threat to the Knights of Liones who work alongside him. He cooked them in his armor, forcing them to remove them and making them vulnerable to demons in the army of the Ten Commandments.

3 Ichigo loses control by becoming a hollow (bleach)

When Ichigo enters his hollow state, his strength, speed, and durability improve significantly. He was powerful enough to face and defeat Ulquiorra despite the man’s ability to cause nuclear-level zeroes with a single move.

However, Ichigo enters a sadistic and manic state of mind when he takes advantage of this ability and poses a serious threat to Uryu before cornering his power. Fortunately, he would not be lost again during his final fight with Aizen.

two Boingo’s book often creates prophecies beyond his control (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Boingo’s Stand allowed him to read a comic that was intended to predict fate and provide favorable results for its users. Often times, it would spell the heinous death of the Crusaders, instilling in him the confidence he needed to complete his mission.

The only problem was that his Stand’s instructions had to be followed perfectly for its effect to work. Given his (and his partner’s) incompetence, he never managed to play the fate his skill predicted, and generally backfired.

1 Nataku Son was the sixth pillar and a boy with unfathomable potential (fire force)

Nataku couldn't control his powers

After being kidnapped by Rekka and affected by the infernal bug, Nataku unlocked his potential as the Sixth Pillar. This attracted the interest of White-Clad, who attempted to kidnap him in a raid on Hajima Industries.

With Ritsu having placed him at the center of a massive and fiery monstrosity and already struggling with his traumatic past, he unleashed the full range of his abilities and nearly destroyed the entire city in a detonation of fire. Fortunately, Charon was able to deflect it, and the attack simply disfigured the surface of the moon. Once freed from his captors, Nataku enjoyed his own weakness and hoped never to lose control again.

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