Fans point out that Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark barely interact with each other on social media now. Is this the latest maiden breakup?

Fans are speculating if High school Season 16 couple Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark have split up or are going through some trouble. Tayshia Adams season of High school – which started as Clare Crawley’s season of High school – it was one of the wildest roller coasters in the history of the series. No one could have anticipated that Clare would fall so madly in love with Dale Moss on the first night, prompting the producers to find a suitable replacement.

Once Tayshia Adams entered High school Season 16, the men had already established very good connections with Clare Crawley. Tayshia initially felt like a “guest” in her own season, but as the boys started having deeper conversations with her, it became clear that she was a fantastic lead for the show. In the end, Tayshia chose to be with Zac Clark, who proposed to her in the grand finale. Tayshia and Zac are reportedly still together as of this writing, but some fans are starting to notice suspicious activity on social media.

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Since High school Season 16 came to an end, Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark have been nothing but love affairs on social media. Tayshia posts much more regular content than Zac, but it was clear from the start that Zac wasn’t that great. “boy from social networks”. Unfortunately, some fans in Reddit I’ve noticed how recently the couple never post photos or videos together again. Furthermore, these fans claim that Tayshia and Zac barely like or comment on each other’s new posts lately, regardless of whether or not they appear together in photos and videos. In the past, they used to like and comment pretty much everything that the other person posted.

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For now, this is obviously pure speculation from fans who would like to see more content from Tayshia and Zac, a fan-favorite couple of Bachelor Nation fans. On the other hand, it is usually this type of speculation by fans that identify relationship problems between Single Y Bachelorette party couples before announcing anything officially. Many fans had seen the writing on the wall of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, and also alerted others to their subsequent reconciliation. As such, there might be some truth here that Tayshia and Zac just aren’t ready to reveal just yet.

Hopefully though, this lack of photos and videos together, as well as the lack of recent likes and comments, could come from two adults who have busy schedules. Fans hope their relationship remains strong. And if not, fans should respect their privacy and wait for them to issue an official statement (or not) on the matter.

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High school Season 17 premieres Monday, June 7 at 8 p.m. ET / PT on ABC.

Sources: Reddit, Tayshia Adams on Instagram, Zac Clark on Instagram

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