In The Flash, Wally West’s fast-paced adventure has given Reverse-Flash the perfect merit for his latest attack on Barry Allen.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Flash # 770 by Jeremy Adams, Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson, Kevin MaGuire, Michael Atiyeh and Steve Wands, out now.

Turnabout is fair play, and poetic justice is sometimes sweeter than just throwing a supervillain in jail. Wally West’s time-jumping adventure through the different ages of the Speed ​​Force has thrown him not only into the past, but into the future as well. And its latest host is none other than Reverse-Flash.

There is incredible irony in this. When Wally possesses the bodies of his fellow sprinters, he ends up taking complete control of their bodies. In fact, this is something that Reverse-Flash did to Barry Allen not too long ago. And now Wally will use his body to do something similar to Eobard Thawne.

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Reverse-Flash possessed Barry’s body in an attempt to ruin his life by being a better version of the Flash. Or at least, what he perceived as the best version of Flash. He almost ruined Barry’s life and his own ethical integrity. Thawne’s actions directly affected the lives of not only Barry, but also his closest friends and family. But beyond all that, it was an incredible violation of Barry’s person, to take his body by force and force him to watch while his family was terrified of Reverse-Flash.

And now Wally has done almost the exact same thing to Thawne. It could almost be a form of revenge, considering Thawne was responsible for planting the idea in Wally’s mind to hide the evidence of his outburst in Sanctuary. But two things prevent this scenario from being exactly the same. And in their own way, they make the involuntary possession of someone else’s body a little more forgivable.

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First, Wally’s timeskip is completely out of his control. He has no idea when, where or with whom he will wake up. So it automatically eliminates the malicious factor that Reverse-Flash had when it possessed Barry’s body. And because he’s Wally, it’s unlikely he would have chosen this, even if it provided him with a moment of revenge.

Second, when Wally possesses the body of a sprinter, his mind goes into a deep sleep. So while Wally is running unaware of his surroundings, occasionally becoming embarrassed and likely injured, the person whose body is rented is not subject to any of this. Once Wally’s work is done, they wake up with no recollection of the event, feeling as if they were being pulled from one moment to the next.

But the irony of this moment cannot be understated. Reverse-Flash is finally testing his own medicine, and somehow Wally will do what Thawne intended to do. He is going to use the incredible abilities Thawne possesses to help protect the world, something the evil sprinter would never willingly do unless it was in his best interests. In a way, Wally not only gets revenge, but the opportunity to put a little bit of good in the world by turning Reverse-Flash’s powers towards justice and the preservation of innocent life.

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