Jason Tartick and Dean Unglert revealed how much money they were offered to be at The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. Find out their salaries.

Bachelor Nation stars Jason Tartick and Dean Unglert revealed how much money they were offered to lead a season of The Bachelor or appear in season of Single in paradise. Fans met Jason Tartick on High school season 14, which was directed by Becca Kufrin. Jason was one of Becca’s last three men, but was eventually sent home in week nine, losing to season winner Garrett Yrigoyen and runner-up Blake Horstmann. In January 2019, he met High school Season 13 star Kaitlyn Bristowe while recording a podcast, and they started dating.

In turn, Dean Unglert has appeared in various seasons and spin-offs of the Bachelor Nation franchise. Dean was introduced to fans on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of High school, where it reached the four finalists. As one of that season’s fan favorites, the producers immediately cast Dean on Single in paradise season 4, and brought it back to Bachelor’s Winter Games spin-off as well. In 2019, Dean was chosen to Single in paradise season 6, which was the last time it appeared in the franchise.

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During a conversation that took place in the Jason Tartick remake. Trade secrets podcast, Jason and Dean Unglert had a very honest conversation about how much money they were offered to appear in different Bachelor Nation seasons and spin-offs. For Us weekly, Jason Tartick claimed that he, Colton Underwood and Blake Horstmann each received a salary of $ 100,000 per season to lead The Bachelor season 23 in 2019. The job went to Colton. When it comes to showing up in Single in paradise, Jason negotiated a rate of $ 600 per day, with a guarantee of $ 5,000 if he was eliminated “In the first week.” Unfortunately, Jason stopped being on the show at that point.

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Dean Unglert had at least four different salaries in all of his appearances on The Bachelor spin-offs, which means you negotiated your rates multiple times with producers. When asked to be in Single in paradise The first time, Dean was offered $ 400 a day, which would add up to $ 12,000 if he stayed on the show for 30 days. Dean issued a counteroffer of $ 800 a day, but he and the producers eventually settled for $ 600 a day. On Winter GamesDean settled for the standard salary of $ 400 a day since that series was filmed for a much shorter period of time. When it came to going back for BEEP Season 6, Dean was paid $ 602 per day.

Details about The Bachelor Season 22 was revealed, given that Dean Unglert was in the race to lead the season. The job eventually went to Arie Luyendyck Jr., but Dean revealed that he had been offered a salary of $ 75,000 to become the leader of season 22.

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Sources: Us weekly

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