TMS Entertainment’s new Lupine III: Part 6 series will premiere this October to mark the 50th anniversary of the anime franchise.

TMS Entertainment has announced Lupine III: Part 6 It will premiere this October to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the anime franchise.

The ad came with a 17-second teaser video, a quick montage of costumes being scammed, time bombs counting, street shootings, and a big reveal of the titular robber knight in his green jacket from the original 1971 anime. Captions ask ” Is he a villain or a hero? ” Lupine seems to be answering this question when he says, “You must be kidding.”

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Eiji Suganuma will direct the anime, with Takahiro Okura in charge of script supervision. They both have some previous experience working with him Lupine III characters, with Suganama serving as unit director and animator in 2019 Lupine III: Prison of the Past special, and Okura writing episode 17 of Lupine III: Part 5.

TMS Entertainment also released a poster for the new series, sharing the same “villain or hero?” tagline like the trailer, to accompany the ad.

Lupine III Poster Part 6

Since the launch of the original 1967 Monkey Punch manga, which was itself an unofficial spin-off of the Maurice Leblanc classic. Arsène Lupine books, Lupine III has been adapted into five major TV series plus the darkest prequel series Lupine III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mineas well as seven theatrical films and numerous OVAs and television specials. The latest movie, the animated CG Lupine III: The First, will return to theaters on August 29 and 31.

Lupine III: Part 6 It will premiere this October.

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Source: TMS Entertainment, Youtube

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