Speaking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Army of the Dead director Zack Snyder explains the samurai-inspired movie he introduced to Lucasfilm.

Director Zack Snyder has recently spoken about the plans he once presented to Lucasfilm for a Kurosawa-inspired film. Star Wars movie. Snyder, whose last film Army of the dead has just hit screens via streaming giant Netflix, he’s no stranger to working on big-budget franchises, having run the early days of the DCEU with Iron Man Y Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He also returned to surrender his court of the infamous League of Justice after previously moving away from the theatrical cut.

Rumors of Snyder’s possible involvement in a Star Wars The project had already been launched in 2012, before Disney’s acquisition of the franchise in October of that year. Some of the early reports had even linked him as a possible director to tackle the long-awaited Episode VII before JJ Abrams took over, a claim that both Snyder and his representatives quickly debunked at the time. As it turned out, he had actually presented an idea to Lucasfilm for a Seven samuraiindependent inspired Star Wars film, based on the influential 1954 classic by Akira Kurosawa.

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Most recently, speaking to Josh Harowitz at the Happy sad confused podcast, Snyder offered a few more tidbits on the idea that “the 11-year-old me, you know, still wants to do.” Confirming that he did indeed pitch Lucasfilm before the Disney acquisition, he also suggests that it’s an idea he still wants to return to outside of the blockbuster franchise. Snyder drew up his Lucasfilm request for “just give me the keys and I’ll take her for a ride”:

We talked about it, but never, you know, I mean, I’ve been working on it away from the Star Wars universe just on my own, just as a science fiction thing … It’s like it’s still a science fiction thing . It’s the same story, now I’m like letting Star Wars be Star Wars … so maybe we’ll see it one day.

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Zack Snyder - Army of the Dead

Kurosawa was one of George Lucas’s main influences when he began developing the original Star Wars Movie (s. Even the name “Jedi” owes its origin to the term “Jidai Geki”, so Snyder’s original speech was probably right. Seven samuraiJedi adventure style is something most Star Wars fans would welcome the ever-growing franchise. Even Lucasfilm’s newly announced executive creative director Dave Filoni made great use of Kurosawa’s films to draw inspiration from his The mandalorian “Chapter 13: The Jedi” which served as Ahsoka Tano’s first live appearance prior to her character spin-off series.

Unfortunately, it seems that Synder will never get a chance to make his own entry into the world’s greatest and most beloved sci-fi franchise, but at least there’s some comfort in the fact that he’s still planning to do a Kurosawa-inspired sci-fi adventure. . its terms. Also, given Snyder’s more recent experiences with high-pressure movies and studio interference, he would probably feel much more comfortable working within a sci-fi universe entirely of his own making. In the meantime, Star Wars itself certainly has no shortage of its own content planned for the future.

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