Fury Files, the interstitial animated series featuring SHIEL.D.’s top-secret dossiers on top Marvel characters, now airs on Disney +.

Marvel interstitial animated series Files of Fury now airing on Disney +.

As reported by @CompletistGeek at Twitter, Files of Fury is one of 12 titles recently added to Disney + in Canada, with other additions including An innocent man, Tinker Bell and the Legend of NeverBeast and Hulu’s adult Marvel animated series MODOK. Having said that, Files of Fury It is now also available to stream on Disney + in the United States.

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Originally produced in 2013, Files of Fury takes an animated approach to some of the major superheroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. Featured as top-secret access to SHIELD video dossiers, the series highlights figures like Hawkeye, Doctor Octopus, and She-Hulk. Nick Fury, voiced by Chi McBride, narrates the series. With 21 episodes, fans can update their superhero knowledge in preparation for upcoming releases.

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Nick Fury has been a notable figure in various Marvel productions, and the character is currently slated to return in his own Disney + original series. The series will see Samuel L. Jackson reprise his role as Fury, with Kyle Bradstreet reportedly signing on as writer and executive producer.

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Files of Fury starring Chi McBride as Nick Fury. The series now airs on Disney +.

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