In October 2000, Gilmore Girls broke into the screen on the then WB network. The show was quirky and original, with an instant cult fandom. During its original seven-season run and again on Netflix’s revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Doose’s Market was a mainstay.

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Not only was it the place where all the residents of Stars Hollow went to buy their groceries, but it was also the market where so many important things happened. From the first kisses to the devastating breakups and everything in between, some of the biggest fan favorite moments happened in the very narrow aisles of the store. However, there were details hidden throughout the store that many people never noticed.

10 Many empty spaces

Jess and Rory fighting / flirting in Dooses

When Doose’s shelves are displayed, the eye may brush against the fact that there are many empty spaces throughout the store. Obviously this is due to sponsors and accessories, certain locations. Camera work may also need to be considered when placing accessories in the background.

Although not noticed by all but the most insightful fans, the lack of products on the store’s shelves upset those who did see it. Taylor was not the type of person who would have allowed the smallest empty spaces, let alone the ones that audiences can see in the background of many shots.

9 No organizational system

Dean smiles at someone while working at Doose's

As for the product that was on the shelf, the fact that there was no organization among the products Doose’s was selling might have gone unnoticed by most viewers, but it is noticed by those die-hard fans in their 10th full series.

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Aside from, again, not at all fitting the character of the quirky and compulsive store owner Taylor, the fact that toilet paper was next to cookies in some shots or cans in others would suffice in a store. real to drive to the most rear-shopper stalls on a wall.

8 Exterior of the front door vs. Inside

Doose exterior

Another little fact that many never noticed was that Doose’s front door often didn’t seem to match the exterior and interior. When the store front is captured in shots, the front door is clearly glass. However, when captured in the background for interior shots, the door often appeared to be a frosted glass window and the lower half was wooden.

On a side note, the door shading often didn’t match from the inside out, with always fully rolled up from the exterior views and half lowered for the interior views. It also changes a lot from black to white.

7 Brand name or off brand

Gilmores at Doose's: Lorelai pretends everything in the store is wrong with her parents there, Taylor is not amused

This entry also refers to the product on the shelves at Doose’s. Even the smallest stores in the smallest cities tend to offer more than one option for a product, but not here. Although often overlooked, there weren’t many in-store product selections, and these were imaginary off-brand companies for filling or branded products being offered for sale.

Since they were sponsors, they were prominently placed with absolutely no competition, including fake brands. This fact was not only funny to fans who noticed it, but it is also another fact that does not fit Taylor’s character at all.

6 Kirk’s many positions

Kirk tries to pick up the mail he dropped on Doosey.

No person who remotely likes the show doesn’t love Kirk, brilliantly played by Sean Gunn. Although it took him a while to find his groove as the show’s freak in a city full of quirky citizens, he never found his place at Doose’s.

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Although no one might be surprised to see Kirk working in the store owned by his personal mentor, few people seemed to notice that his position was constantly changing. He would be portrayed as a deputy director or a cashier, depending on what the scene calls for, with no real coherence.

5 Limited inventory

Rory Dean at Doose's in A Year in the Life

Stars Hollow has a restaurant of just about any genre you can think of, which is amazing for such a small town. Given that the residents of Stars Hollow are so devoted to each other, it seems strange to think that Doose’s Market is the place that caters to all those restaurants.

Another thing that often went unnoticed about the product, besides the odd location and few options, was that it was a minimal amount of inventory, not only in the options offered but also in the number of items offered.

4 Local product ads seem selective

Doose with customers in his store for the Town Selectman episode

The exterior of Doose’s Market looks like many small, real-world family businesses, with signs advertising not only the deals offered that day, but also the local produce the store sells.

Stars Hollow was packed with residents who would provide inventory to the store, from the original backyard farmers to Jackson, the resident grower. However, the signage at the front of the store that advertised local produce seemed very selective. Although Kirsten’s eggs are often advertised, there is never anything that advertises Jackson’s products or something that all fans know that Kirk grew up or raised.

3 Nobody seems to just buy

Dean and Jess in Doose's with Kirk in Gilmore Girls

In a typical move portrayed on many shows, there is never anyone in the background simply shopping the Doose market. If someone is in the store, it is guaranteed that they will eventually play a role in the scene. Nobody in Stars Hollow seems to go shopping.

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Although the reasons for this are obvious, such as daily fees for extras or background, crowded shooting area, etc., it is just one more piece of information that goes largely unnoticed. However, once it’s noticeable, it’s obvious in every other scene the audience sees on the market.

two They only see men working there

From Dean to Kirk and Taylor, only men are shown working at Doose’s Market. This is a fact that may go unnoticed by many, but when some do notice it, it is truly mind-boggling.

Gilmore Girls it is about portraying different forms of strong and independent women. The fact that Doose’s only shows men working is a glaring change for those viewers who eventually notice it. With a city filled with so many strong and different female characters, a business that never portrays someone working there seems more than a little out of place.

1 The center of love

Rory Doose is with Dean, buying lettuce

For a market that easily belongs to Stars Hollow’s least-loved resident, Doose’s serves as the center of love for many of the show’s most important relationships. Doose’s is where Rory and Dean share their first kiss, Rory and Jess have their summer showdown, and Luke and Lorelai break up.

In those little hallways, so many things happen that will affect the main characters of the show, and the audience is there for every minute. Even Ms. Patty gets in on the act with her infamous plums that are better than the sex line. With so many things happening to characters within the walls of Doose’s, it’s easy to understand how so many things can go unnoticed, even in a seven-year run.

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