There was a time when Friends it was the biggest television show on the planet, let alone one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. The fanbase endures, returning to the series over and over again on streaming services. But after ten seasons on the air, the series’ tenure inevitably brought many changes to the main characters and their lives.

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That cast of characters consisted of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Joey. Where they started in the pilot episode was a long way from where they ended up in the series finale. Fans who watched the entire series while it was on the air took a great trip with this group.

10 Ross and Rachel break up together

Rachel kisses Ross after watching the graduation video

This is easily the most obvious by far. Much of the series was defined by Ross and Rachel’s journey, as their longtime crush on her turned into a real relationship that fell apart. But after having a child together, the paths inexorably intertwined.

As the series finale progressed, fans were hoping that Ross and Rachel would get back together, and in the end they did. It could have been a great fan service moment, but it was also the right way to end their story.

9 Monica and Chandler get married

Phoebe approaches Chandler

If someone had predicted in season 1 that Monica and Chandler were meant to be together, they would have laughed at the online forums. But after the end of the series, no one could imagine it otherwise.

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Season 7, episodes 23 and 24 saw the couple marry and become the most stable relationship in the series. The final season saw them maintain that relationship, ending the series stronger than ever.

8 A new girl and a duck join the gang

Phoebe with chick and duck

When Chandler and Joey lived together, their apartment had a very interesting decoration. That included a canoe in the middle of the room, an entertainment center too big for the space, and a strange statue of a dog. But they also had a couple of unique roommates, specifically a chicken and a duck.

By the time season 10 rolled around, the original chick and duck were gone. But Joey wanted to gift Chandler a parting gift in the form of a new girl and a duck. Chandler insisted that Joey keep them, fixing everything with the world.

7 The foosball table is destroyed

Monica, Joey and Chandler play foosball

Unfortunately, bringing two new friends into his world meant destroying the old one. In Season 1, Episode 12, Joey and Chandler spent a lot of time arguing about what their new dining room table would look like. Naturally, they settled on a foosball table, the only sensible option.

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But in the series finale, the new girl and the duck got stuck at the same foosball table. Joey and Chandler had to smash the table to get them out. It was a key symbolic ending to their time as roommates and neighbors.

6 Rachel gets a job in Paris

Rachel friends

Throughout the series, Rachel followed a highly unlikely career arc. He started out as someone who had never had a job in his life, turning a coffee shop position into a haute couture career, despite having no experience or education. It is better not to think too much about it.

During the course of season 10, Rachel was offered a job with Louis Vuitton in Paris after being fired from Ralph Lauren for a job interview with Gucci. In the end, he stayed in New York for Ross, although his success in the fashion industry would have surprised anyone who had just seen season 1.

5 Rachel and Joey tried a relationship

Rachel and Joey kiss in front of Ross

Weather Friends It didn’t test every conceivable combination of pairings between the group, the series still put together some strange combinations. One of the most important was the brief relationship between Rachel and Joey that developed over the last few seasons.

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The angle seemed a bit strained and a bit awkward, especially since there was such a strong connection between Ross and Rachel. Fortunately, it ended quickly in season 10, opening the door for Ross and Rachel to end up together.

4 Monica and Chandler adopt twins

Monica and Chandler with their children

As Monica and Chandler progressed on their journey as a couple, they decided they wanted to have children. Of course, this made the fans incredibly happy. But it was heartbreaking to discover that the couple was infertile. They decide to adopt and are paired with a young future mother named Erica.

The big twist in the whole thing was that Erica ended up having twins. Monica and Chandler adopted both babies even though their plan was to adopt one. This was a far cry from where they were in season 1, particularly for Chandler, who no one could imagine being a father back then.

3 Phoebe married Mike Hannigan

Phoebe marries Mike

Without a doubt, Phoebe was the least traditional member of the group. He lived a unique life and looked at the world in a way that most of his friends could not understand. But he was also a kind, generous and loving person.

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Still, many fans were shocked when he ended up with the relatively straightforward Mike Hannigan. Some expected her and Joey to end up together, but that would have been too much. Phoebe and Mike’s season 10 wedding was the highlight of those final episodes.

two Monica and Chandler move out of the apartment

Monica and Chandler move out of the apartment

While some fans might argue that it was Central Perk, the center of the Friends universe really was the apartment. At one point or another, all six members of the group lived in that apartment, considering that Ross resided there for a summer with his grandmother before the series began.

As part of becoming parents, Monica and Chandler decided to move into a house in Westchester. The finale saw them all leave the apartment for the last time, leaving their keys on the counter. No one watching the first few seasons could imagine them leaving this now iconic location behind.

1 Joey is the only one whose story continues

Joey in his spinoff series

The biggest change that happened at the end of the series was the one that happened after it ended. Products derived from popular shows are not uncommon and Friends was no exception to this, as Joey Tribbiani was the one who got his own show.

Joey He followed him as he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being an actor. The series was not a great success and was canceled before the second season finished airing. Of all the characters to follow after the end of FriendsJoey was probably the least interesting option.

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