Ms. Marvel, Nova, and the rest of Marvel’s young champions have just dispatched two members of their team undercover as Roxxon employees.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Champions # 7 from VC’s Danny Lore, Luciano Vecchio, Federico Blee and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The Champions just scored a major victory by helping to close the Roxxon re-education centers and having the government re-examine Kamala’s Law, which prohibited underage superheroes without mentors. However, the problem ended with a twist when Miles Morales and Sam Alexander went to work for Roxxon.

But how Champions # 7 reveals, it turned out that Ms. Marvel made this call. The Champions were enjoying some downtime when Snowguard appeared and attacked Nova. She saw him in Roxxon and decided that he was betraying all the teenage superheroes that Roxxon held captive. However, Ms. Marvel assured the team that she could explain things.

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Marvel leads a gathering of champions.

Told in flashback, Ms. Marvel suggested that members of the Champions infiltrate Roxxon. Kamala Khan, knowing that Roxxon used her name and face to promote propaganda, was unwilling to let them use her anymore. Other champions like Viv Vision and Ironheart have public identities. That left Spider-Man and Nova to enter the evil corporation. Miles and Sam would work as experts, providing information to the team to better prepare for future attacks. Miles got the job instantly because Roxxon believed he had the right appearance to connect with children. However, Sam had to find celebrity endorsement to get hired after his interview because Roxxon considered him “boring.”

Snowguard saw Sam’s interview posted on the new Roxx On! social media app and accused him of siding with the enemy. She seemed surprised when the champions revealed that everyone knew. Spider-Man told her that he also worked for Roxxon, and Ms. Marvel explained why this is a necessary step. The champions have been behind the eight ball throughout their battle with Roxxon because no matter what they do, the company never seems to go down. Even when superheroes and politicians take on them, the corporation is cheeky enough to show its muscles and rarely pulls out. Roxxon is also working with AndrĂ© Sims, who is building something big for the company.

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Miles Morales and Sam Alexander undercover in Champions

This makes it necessary for Sam and Miles to cover up. The duo need to gather information before Roxxon creates another situation that makes the Champions look bad. The Roxx On! The app is a step in that direction as Roxxon has Miriam Blakemoore at the helm. She seems willing to do anything to ruin the reputation of teenage heroes. Miriam has the experience to spread fake news on the app. Sam and Miles are working with Roxxon as social media interns, and these two could use a different tactic to take Roxxon down from the inside.

Ms. Marvel made some funny comments, saying that millennials like the Avengers wouldn’t understand anything about the new attacks on social media. He admitted that champions can do more with this maneuver than fighting Roxxon. She revealed that they were perfect for work due to their age, knowing how to talk to children today. Roxxon led an attack on a school and let the champions take the blame for the damage and injuries. This led directly to the Law of Kamala. Until that law is off the books, no underage hero is safe. Roxxon lost his government contract, but they still have one goal: to destroy the Champion. However, having Sam and Miles on the inside gives the young heroes a shot at the next fight.

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