In the debut issue of IDW’s Star Wars Adventures: The Weapon of a Jedi, Luke learned first-hand how difficult it is to fly with C-3PO as his co-pilot.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars Adventures: The Weapon of a Jedi # 1 by Alec Worley, Ruairí Coleman and Chris O’Halloran, out now.

It’s safe to say that C-3PO is one of the most traveled characters in the Star Wars universe. C-3PO has appeared in almost all Star Wars film, and has also played vital roles in many novels and comics. It stands to reason that C-3PO would have been comfortable with space travel by now, but his most recent adventure in Star Wars Adventures: A Jedi’s Weapon proves otherwise.

Luke had just returned from a mission with the Red Squad and received new orders entering a fuel station. Luke had been asked to retrieve the Imperial communications logs and hand them over to the Rebellion. Luke would not take his X-wing for this task, as the rebels provided him with a Y-wing, which had two seats, as Luke would need the help of a translator during his mission. Luke seemed annoyed when he learned that C-3PO would operate as his co-pilot.

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Upon boarding the Y-wing, C-3PO immediately began a tirade about the glory days of space travel. Threepio received a memory erasure after the Clone Wars, so he considers the glory days to be the time between Revenge of the Sith Y A new hope. Fortunately for Luke, he was not alone with Threepio, as his trusty droid R2-D2 also accompanied them on their mission. Artoo called for Threepio to stop complaining when Luke flew directly towards an Imperial frigate.

This caused Threepio to panic. He announced his impending doom before Luke could even put a plan into action. As Luke and Artoo performed incredible feats of maneuvering, Threepio continually screamed about how they were going to die. Luke kept Threepio quiet long enough to channel the Force, and the trio escaped relatively unscathed. This was still not good enough for Threepio, as he complained even more when Luke decided to delay the mission.

It should be noted how common space travel is for heroes of the Rebellion. While Threepio’s mental cleansing would have erased some of his memories of the space battles, his time on the Millennium Falcon and working for the Rebellion would have been preserved. This wouldn’t have been his first time in a space battle, but his words and actions make it seem like. There are even some occasions when it screams audibly while flying.

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C-3PO distracting Luke

On the contrary, R2-D2 has always been the ideal flight companion for Luke. While Luke was visibly upset with Threepio’s actions, he relied heavily on Artoo’s help. R2-D2 arguably keeps Luke alive while flying as much as the Force, if not more. This helped the two create an unbreakable bond and led Luke to completely trust his droid.

It doesn’t seem like any Star Wars the heroes are delighted with the idea of ​​flying with C-3PO. While he was a vital companion due to his protocol operation, his associates weren’t happy at all when he took a seat in the cockpit. Even Threepio’s closest friend Artoo had to put him back in his place at times, proving that in the entire galaxy, C-3PO is the worst driver in the back seat.

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