In the latest issue of Marvel’s Way of X, Nightcrawler seems quite determined to put his traditional faith behind him in favor of creating a new one.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Path of X # 2

In the latest issue of Marvel’s new X path Serie, Nightcrawler he’s officially leaving his faith behind in favor of building a new one for all mutants. Kurt Wagner’s Catholic faith has been an integral part of his character for years, so seeing him leave her behind is certainly a dynamic moment for the teleporting mutant. That said, it makes some sense given the emerging culture. X Men and his fellow mutants have encountered their new island nation, and Nightcrawler has taken it upon himself to create an entirely new belief system for all mutants on Krakoa.

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Wanting to form your own religion is not such a new concept to Nightcrawler. Ever since the nation of Krakoa was formed, Nightcrawler has made his intention to form a new mutant faith, as he shared with Cyclops last year in X-Men # 7 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Leinil Francis Yu. Much of his wish comes from the fact that Krakoa has cracked the resurrection code, which means that mutants can never die. This has led to a new mindset and culture, especially with the younger generations of mutants now having an arrogant attitude towards death. In Kurt’s own words: “Think about it. Mortality. If one cannot die, if one is immortal, then what attraction is eternity? … Is our true cross now the burden of creating heaven on Earth?“Clearly, the new status quo for mutants has created a lot of conflict within Kurt as a devout Catholic.

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Now, X path # two Simon Spurrier and Bob Quinn sees Nightcrawler face to face with Legion, the volatile, unpredictable and extremely powerful son of Professor X. On the subject, Legion makes a deal with Kurt, freeing Nightcrawler’s mind from a corruption within him. In return, Legion wants Kurt to destroy his brain so he can resurrect on Krakoa with his whole body. However, this technically constitutes murder, a mortal sin according to their faith. However, Nightcrawler moves on anyway, seemingly making the decision to leave his traditional beliefs behind.


With Kurt’s act of murder, Legion gains a new body with his subsequent resurrection, and Nightcrawler is apparently the only mutant he trusts, unwilling to work with his father Xavier or Magneto. Legion is apparently now fully on board, wanting to help Kurt form his new religion to help shape the hearts and minds of Krakoa in the future. However, that comes with a great responsibility for Nightcrawler, as Legion could destroy the world with a thought.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where Nightcrawler goes from here. Kurt’s faith has been tested numerous times in the Marvel Comics past, and he was even once a priest despite having traveled through the depths of Hell. While some may be hoping that Nightcrawler will find a way to incorporate his faith in God into the new religion he is building, his actions in this new issue seem to indicate a rather difficult deviation as he has gone beyond asking the Lord for forgiveness. Regardless of how it all plays out, it’s pretty clear that Night trackers is entering a crucial moment not only for him personally, but for him X-Men nation as a whole.

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