A criminally easy way Batman can protect his secret identity from Bruce Wayne has been staring him in the face from the beginning.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Mister Miracle: The Fountain of Freedom # 1!

DC Mr miracle has recently revealed that bat Man could protect his secret identity through an incredibly simple and wildly appropriate strategy for Bruce Wayne. Batman’s true identity is a closely guarded secret and is generally known only to members of the Batfamily. But in Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom # 1, written by Brandon Easton with art by Fico Ossio and colors by Rico Renzi, the superhero Mr miracle shows Batman exactly how to protect one’s identity in the modern age.

Bruce Wayne, as it was written during the ’70s onwards, has considerable trust issues and guards his secret identity as zealously as Spider-Man, perhaps even more so. Outside of the various Robins and members of the Justice League (and even then, not everyone knows it), Batman’s true face is rarely discovered by friend or foe. In fact, knowing Batman’s secret identity is often a harbinger of a character’s quick and convenient death at the end of a story. But Batman can still voluntarily reveal his identity to others without fear of retaliation from relying on a power that even the joker fears: the threat of litigation through the American legal system.

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After saving civilians from an explosion, superhero and internet celebrity Mister Miracle runs into Denise Dorian, a firefighter who arrives on the scene. The two like each other, but while Denise has removed her firefighting mask, Mister Miracle (real name Shilo Norman) keeps his own costume firmly on his head, still undecided about revealing his identity as a superhero. black. He still wants to meet Denise, so as soon as she’s out of earshot, Shilo calls his agent, Vito. “Can you do me a big favor? Contact Denise Dorian at the Metropolis Fire Department – Suicide Slum Locomotive. Establish typical NDA protocols.” The next day, Vito approaches Denise to deliver pertinent documentation and a warning. If Denise ever breaks the confidentiality agreement and reveals Mister Miracle’s name to the public “… we will sue you so that it does not exist.”

It’s interesting to wonder why Bruce Wayne hasn’t followed this option while training the new Robins. He would surely know the legal system well enough, and could even trust Alfred to create a contract similar to that of Mister Miracle. As a director of Wayne Enterprises, you would be familiar with the practice by now, but recent events have made this strategy difficult, if not impossible. In the current comic book continuity, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have his mansion or his fortune, so he couldn’t hire the best lawyers, not even any lawyer, to take legal action if the hypothetical NDA were ever to break down. However, trusting a few “normal” people with your identity would be a timely tactical move if you ever wanted to broaden your circle of trust.

Batman’s identity remains well protected, but emulating Mister Miracle’s NDAs would be a simple but effective method of secrecy. Perhaps he could even grant interviews with the press and win goodwill among the police and the general population of Gotham. Given that Shilo operates in Metropolis and in the same city as Superman, perhaps the two could even meet to discuss the matter, although while Shilo considers the possibility of publicly unmasking himself, bat Man he will always see himself as Batman.

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