Joey’s faux-identical twin actor, Louis Mandylor, had once been a finalist to play the Friends character which ultimately went to Matt LeBlanc.

Joey’s fake identical twin, Carl, played by Louis Mandylor, almost played the real character in Friends. There were many funny and memorable moments on the show that made it one of the most popular sitcoms, if not the most popular. Each character was funny and compelling, and while there is an argument that Friends It didn’t age well, it’s still always relevant, and its fanbase only grows thanks to younger viewers who are discovering it through reruns and streaming availability.

However, despite the many great aspects of the show, its main draw was always the chemistry between the six main cast members. Unlike many sitcoms, which focus on one or two main characters in a group of people while the rest are supporting characters, Friends it was a real set. Each member of the Central Perk gang received their respective bows and time under the spotlight. This carefree and light vibe that the comedy exuded comes from the natural dynamics of the actors. Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc really liked being together and at all times. Friends‘run, they also became friends off the screen.

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Given this, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the characters other than the actors who did it. However, if things had been different, the main cast would have looked very different. As revealed in the Friends: where they got back together meeting show, the producers had some obstacles in choosing the roles. For example, Perry and Aniston were committed to other projects, so they couldn’t just join in on the NBC sitcom. Meanwhile, LeBlanc, who was struggling as an actor at the time as well as his character, Joey, revealed in the Friends reunion almost lost the role to another candidate. Fortunately, he got the gig, but his old competitor, Louis Mandylor, appeared once as a guest on the show. Mandylor’s character, Carl, appeared in Friends season 6, episode 17 “The One with Unagi”. Joey hired him to pretend to be his identical twin so they could enter a medical research program and earn some money. Joey taught Carl to be more like him, oblivious to the fact that they are nothing alike.

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Carl only appeared briefly on the show, but if his Friends auditioning and casting had gone in his favor, Mandylor could have been the series regular who played Joey Tribbiani for 10 seasons. It must have been a strange feeling to be asked to return to the show in a cameo years later, after it had become a huge success. While it may have been a bit awkward for some to take the brief period in FriendsIt didn’t seem like there was any animosity on his part as he bravely made the guest appearance.

Fortunately, it wasn’t like he was missing out Friends killed his career. Mandylor has also appeared in My big greek wedding, Great Greek Wedding 2, CSI, CSI Miami, Y CSI New York. It is interesting to imagine what Friends It would have seemed that if Mandylor had landed the role of Joey instead of Matt LeBlanc. As mentioned above, the cast’s chemistry was one of the main reasons the comedy became a hit. Removing any of them could have significantly changed the overall vibe of the series.

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