Horizon Forbidden West has received a major graphical overhaul since its 2017 predecessor, leading fans to note that Alloy looks different.

West horizon forbidden It’s one of the most anticipated games for PlayStation 5, but some fans think Aloy looks a bit different in a recent game reveal and aren’t sure how to feel about it. Fans have been debating back and forth over whether the West horizon forbidden protagonist has undergone notable changes, generating quite a heated speech on social media over the weekend.

West horizon forbidden got its first gameplay reveal last week during a PlayStation State of Play surprise. The event showcased some stellar graphics, highlighting the power of the PlayStation 5, even though the game will also be on PS4. It’s clear that Guerilla Games is already squeezing a lot of power out of the new console, thanks to the realistic water, beautiful environments, and incredibly detailed character models.

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That being said, some people don’t respond well to what Aloy looks like in West horizon forbidden (via Comic book). Some have said that her cheeks appear to have become more puffy, but it could also be argued that it all comes down to lighting and camera angles. Overall, Alloy still looks pretty much the same, but there are still players who think that changes made to the character are for the worse, leading to a huge debate online about how much these changes matter in the long run.

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Whatever the case, West horizon forbidden looks awesome. Many have pointed out that Aloy looks very natural and realistic, and cannot contort her face with makeup due to living in a post-apocalyptic setting. Whether or not there is a truly discernible real difference in the Alloy model is up for debate as it may actually just be angles and lighting. It will be easier to tell if there are actual changes or not when the game comes out, but this looks more like the big puddle debate that arose around the release of Marvel’s spider man in 2018. Insomniac claimed at the time that no changes had been made to some puddles that appeared to have disappeared from the game, and that these were simply lighting changes.

West horizon forbidden It has no release date at this time, but Guerilla has stated that development is still underway. Sony previously stated that the game was targeting a late 2021 release, but it’s unclear if that has changed at all. The lack of a release date definitely looks like Sony is trying to be flexible and not fully commit to 2021 in case it needs to move to 2022, but maybe more will be revealed later this summer.

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