In Heroes Reborn, the new Starjammers combine members of the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Fantastic Four into a space pirate team.

Warning! Spoilers for Hyperion and the Imperial Guard # 1!

In a world where the Avengers were never formed, Marvel’s Starjammers team has just become the latest versions of the X Men, Guardians of the Galaxy Y Fantastic four set! Too bad none of them remember who they used to be because the war stories they could trade would be epic, to say the least.

Revealed at the end of the Heroes reborn link comic, Hyperion and the Imperial Guard # 1, the “special preview” of Starjammers # 1 by Ryan Cady and Stephen Byrne sees a family team turn into something else in an altered reality that is not what it seems. Comprised of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes in roles that are different but similar to those they are notHeroes reborn counterparts, this and done, look at the new Starjammers The team should have fans excited for their possible inclusion in the main story unfolding at this great event.

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Comprised of known and former Starjammers members such as the space pirate extraordinary Major Christopher “Corsair” Summers and the alien Mephitisoid known as Hepzibah, the addition of two iconic X-Men members and sons to Corsair in Alex Summers aka Havok , and Scott. Summers, aka Cyclops, makes this team more of a family reunion than anything else. Completing the group on board are two popular Guardians of the Galaxy alumni; the inseparable couple of the walking and talking tree named Groot and the deranged and usually noisy Rocket.

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Heroes reborn Starjammers

But that’s not all yet. As he travels through the abyss of space minding his own business, a proximity alarm goes off only to reveal that a member of the Nova Corps is literally knocking on the door of his spaceship. Entering the airlock with some cargo in tow, the space cop is immediately revealed to be none other than the founding member of the Fantastic Four and the Human Torch himself, Johnny Storm! Obviously not covered in flames given this new Heroes reborn universe, Johnny claims that he needs to command Corsair’s ship for emergency reasons, but is immediately caught up in the Starjammers’ plight once a Shi’ar strike fleet enters his airspace.

Firing in a direction that is far from the approaching danger, the reason Johnny took over Corsair’s ship is revealed: he is transporting Lilandra from the Shi’ar Empire to help her reclaim her throne and plans to capture the Phoenix Force. to do it. . With this information now in view, Johnny officially becomes part of this Starjammers team and the rest is, as they say, the story of altered reality.

So even though this new Starjammers hopefully the team will have a little more time to shine within the great Heroes reborn event, the fact that members of the X Men, Guardians of the Galaxy Y Fantastic four they are all together on the list is a spectacle for Marvel fans. But who knows, Heroes reborn It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride so far, so it’s quite possible that some of the best elements will make it to the Marvel universe proper. Fingers crossed.

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