In a world filled with complex politics, the formidable Grisha, and the oppressive Shadow Fold, only the smartest people can hope to survive and achieve their goals. Shadow and bone They consist of many intelligent characters. Some are stronger due to their street smarts, while others are stronger because of their book smarts.

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None of the main characters are unintelligent, but some are inevitably smarter than others. The events of Shadow and bone forcing characters into dangerous situations that force them to adapt and respond, often with nothing more than their wits.

10 Matthias helvar

As a man from Fjerdan, Matthias has been taught to hate and fear all Grisha and to believe in a strict social hierarchy for men and women. Even though his interactions with Nina challenge the prejudices that have been ingrained in him since he was a child, it still takes a while for Matthias to warm up to her and prioritize his own feelings and his own perspective on what he has been taught. to believe.

When Nina accuses Matthias of being a slaver, Matthias does not understand that she did this to save his life. He believes that she has been playing a cruel joke on him all this time, although all his experiences with her indicate otherwise.

9 Oretsev Times

Unwavering in his courage and loyalty to those he cares about, Mal is a great friend and ally. He is also chivalrous and always stands up for what he believes in.

While these are desirable traits for a friend or ally, Mal isn’t always the smartest. He bravely rushes into situations to save the day, but often rushes without any strategy and without considering the consequences. This leads to Mal nearly dying numerous times during the show’s first season.

8 Nina zenik

Shadow and Bone Danielle Galligan as Nina Zenik

Before being kidnapped, Nina went on a mission to Darkling, where she discovered that the Driver / Arken Visser was the one smuggling Grisha out of the Little Palace. After being kidnapped and surviving a shipwreck, Nina truly falls in love with Matthias, but she’s also smart enough to tap into his strengths in her quest for survival.

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When Fedyor and the other Grisha try to take Matthias away, Nina can think on his feet and come up with a plan that will save him. While accusing Matthias of being a slave owner saves him at the time, Nina discovers that her plan may not work as well in the long run. She learns that Matthias will be sent to a prison where he will rot for at least a year or two before Nina can drop the charges when her trial goes to court.

7 Jesper fahey

Young Bones and Shadows Kit as Jesper Fahey

Jesper is very smart. This becomes evident in his opening scene when he deduces that a Crow Club customer is playing with fake coins. Unfortunately, however, Jesper often lets reckless impulses guide his actions.

An example of this is when he is given money to buy 20 pounds of alabaster coal for the Driver to take Jesper, Inej, and Kaz through the Fold for their heist. Jesper sees some gambling on his way to fetch the coal and plays with all the money. He ends up having to steal the coal, though he only gets 16 pounds, and is chased by an angry mob, all of which bring unnecessary danger to the heist.

6 Alina starkov

Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov in Shadow and Bone Show

Even before she is revealed to be the Summoner of the Sun, Alina shows her intelligence through her mapping skills. As a Sun Summoner, Alina gradually becomes more introspective, allowing her to unlock her abilities and begin to tap into her full potential. She also begins to understand others, like Darkling, on a deep level, which is integral to finally breaking free from their control.

What keeps Alina from being one of the smartest characters is how others can trick her. Genya tricks Alina into thinking that she is simply her friend and tailor. It is not until long after that Alina realizes that Genya was a spy for the Darkling the entire time. Alina is also blind to the true nature of the Darkling and is fooled by his lies. It is only until Baghra explains the truth to her that Alina sees through the Darkling’s deceptions.

5 Driver

the shadow and bone of the conductor

The Conductor is the only one smart enough to develop and benefit from a precise process that illegally allows people to pass through the Fold on their ferries. He is also adept at reading other people’s personalities and group dynamics. He does it with the Ravens and this is how he knows that Jesper will need a goat to get comfortable when they cross the Fold.

After crossing the Fold, the Director is also the one who befriends the leader of a traveling entertainment company who has been invited to the Winter Party. He designs a mishap, so the company needs the talents of the Ravens, allowing them to enter the Little Palace.

However, the intelligence of the director is not infallible. After they infiltrate the Little Palace, the Headmaster believes that he will be sent to kidnap Alina. He can’t deduce that Kaz is sending him after a decoy, while Kaz and Inej are the ones chasing the real Alina. If the director is the smartest character, he would know that Kaz would never entrust the newest member of the group to go after Alina alone.

4 Genya Safin

Shadow and Bone Genya

From the Sun Summoner to the King and Queen of Ravka, Genya can deceive powerful Grisha as well as powerful politicians. She gains Alina’s trust and uses her to share confidential information with Darkling. Acting as the queen’s maid from a young age, Genya also gains the queen’s trust.

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Genya takes advantage of this by lethal poisoning the king, who had been abusing her from a young age. Genya did this for herself, but also as part of Darkling’s larger plan. It is not until after this that Alina finally realizes that Genya was a spy for the Darkling the entire time.

3 Another Ghafa

Shadow and Bone Amita Suman as Inej Ghafa

Inej’s many talents make her an invaluable asset in performing any type of job. She has learned to be stealthy, to use knives like no other, and to sew herself after being seriously injured. Although she is not a Grisha, Inej is also capable of outsmarting and defeating the Inferni brothers when she goes against them.

His eventual refusal to kidnap Alina is another sign of his intelligence. It’s not just her faith that causes her to quit the job to kidnap Alina, but she’s smart enough to recognize that doing so would be a grave mistake on numerous levels.

two The Darkling

For hundreds of years, Darkling has assumed countless identities and successfully manipulated countless people and complex political situations. He’s cunning enough to turn things around, so Grisha will be in a position of power and authority in Ravka, rather than being hunted down and hunted.

At present of Shadow and bone, manipulates countless people and even the Fold himself to achieve his goals. The only thing stopping Darkling from being the smartest character is how he seeks to control Alina while turning his most valuable ally into an enemy, outstripping him in cunning.

1 Kaz Brekker

Kaz with Milo the goat in Shadow and Bone

Kaz is Shadow and boneThe most intelligent character due to his ability to adapt successfully during seemingly impossible situations. When given only a few hours to figure out how to cross the Fold, Kaz finds out. He is the mastermind behind the heist to infiltrate the Little Palace and kidnap the Sun Summoner. When facing the formidable Darkling, Kaz finds a way to escape unscathed.

What makes Kaz even smarter than Darkling is his ability to believe in the people he cares about, even when it means compromising his own wishes. In the end, his respect and love for Inej and Jesper are stronger than his greed, and the Ravens are better off for it.

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